What does Jai Mehta do?

Jay Mehta/Professions

What does Juhi Chawla husband do?

Jay Mehtam. 1995
Juhi Chawla/Husband

How old is Jay Mehta?

60 years (January 18, 1961)
Jay Mehta/Age

Who is the wife of Jay Mehta?

Juhi Chawlam. 1995
Jay Mehta/Wife

Who is owner of Hathi Cement?

Jay Mehta

Jay Mehta
Occupation Businessman entrepreneur
Organization Indian operations (Mehta Group) Saurashtra Cement Ltd. and Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd. ADF Foods Ltd.
Spouse(s) Sujata Birla ​ (died)​ Juhi Chawla ​ ( m. 1995)​
Children 2

How Sujata Birla died?

Birla was only 22 when tragedy struck: His father Ashok Birla, mother Sunanda, and sister Sujata died in a plane crash in Bengaluru in 1990.

Who is the Juhi Chawla husband?

Juhi Chawla/Husband
Juhi Chawla couldn’t stop blushing when she was asked about how her and her husband, businessman Jay Mehta fell in love. The actor married Jay in 1996 and have two children – a daughter named Janhavi and son named Arjun.

Why did Juhi marry Jay?

In 1995, Juhi and Jay got married, five years after his first wife passed away. That’s the time Jay was serenading me and I was afraid of losing my career just when I had kind of got there. I wanted to carry on and this seemed the midway.”

What is the name of Juhi Chawla husband?

Actor Juhi Chawla secretly married business magnate Jay Mehta in 1996, when she was at the peak of her career.

Who is Juhi chawlas husband?

Which caste is Birla?

The Birla family origins lie with the Maheshwari caste of Vaishya traders but they were outcast from their traditional community in 1922 when one of their member, Rameshwar Das Birla, was thought to have broken the caste marriage rules. They are Marwari and by convention merchants from Rajasthan are termed Marwari.

What is Yash Birla worth?

Further in 2016, UCO Bank also published a notice indicating Birla as defaulter. On 16 June 2019, he was declared wilful defaulter by the bank with outstanding dues of over 67 crores. `…Yash Birla Group.

Type Public company (BSE: 500335)
Revenue ₹30 billion (US$420 million)
Number of employees 3,363 (2010)