What does KeyMod mean in airsoft?

KeyMod is an extremely popular attachment system for gun accessories and for good reason. The system allows for small diameter rails which are extremely light weight, comfortable and modular. Click Here to Purchase the Speed Airsoft Keymod Accessories!

Is KeyMod really that bad?

KeyMod has been used by special operations units around the world, and nobody died because of KeyMod.” For 99.9% of the people out there, KeyMod is going to be just fine. Keymod has been used by special operations units around the world, and nobody died because of KeyMod.

Do airsoft guns have Picatinny rail?

Rail systems are universal accessory mounting platforms that can be found on many modern styles of airsoft guns. Many airsoft guns modeled around modern firearms will feature a type of rail system: picatinny, MLOK, or Keymod.

Why does KeyMod exist?

The KeyMod handguard was developed as a collaboration between VLTOR Weapon Systems and Noveske Rifleworks. They released the KeyMod system to the public in 2012 in hopes of standardizing universal attachment systems. This also allows for picatinny rails to be mounted onto the handguard wherever needed.

What’s the difference between M-Lok and Moe?

Q: How can I tell the difference between the original MOE slots and the new M-LOK? A: The M-LOK slots are noticeably taller (7mm tall) than the MOE, and has flat ends, as opposed to the MOE’s pill shaped slot. In addition, the M-LOK logo may be present to indicate that the slot is made to M-LOK specifications.

Is a weaver mount the same as Picatinny?

the basic difference between the weaver and picatinny slot dimension is that the picatinny has a slightly wider, and slightly deeper slot. A weaver style base may have only one or two slots, and the placement of the slot can be anywhere on the base.

Will Picatinny fit KeyMod?

Picatinny rail strips can be added to a KeyMod rail to facilitate the use of Picatinny accessories that still dominate the market. The biggest advantage to this system is that you only add rails or accessories on where you want them.

Should I free float my AR 15?

Free-floating handguards let the barrel’s natural movement happen because it lets the barrel float freely under the handguard. And since barrels are designed to be accurate, shooters should let it do what it’s naturally designed to do (oscillate with harmonics).

Why is it called a Picatinny rail?

The rail is named after the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. The Picatinny Arsenal’s role with the rail was to test/evaluate it and to create a military standard for it. This was Mil-STD-1913, dated 3 February 1995.

What are the accessories for the KeyMod system?

These accessories are designed to direct mount to handguards using the universal KeyMod system. BCM­® KeyMod™ Rail Panel Kit, 5.5-inch BLACK *** (FIVE Pack!)***

What kind of KeyMod does a colt AEG use?

COLT – Premiere firearms designers, engineers, and manufacturers since 1855. CYMA – Durable, dependable, affordable air soft gun manufacturers. With a metal keymod rail system mounted to an all-metal upper and lower receiver set, this AEG is rugged and rock-solid.

What are the features of a colt KeyMod?

A perfect blend of 3 cutting edge & well known firearms names and features: KEYMOD – The evolution of the classic picatinny/weaver rail system to become lighter, slick, and modular. COLT – Premiere firearms designers, engineers, and manufacturers since 1855.

What does the 13 ” KeyMod RIS system do?

The 13″ Keymod RIS system highlights this rifle’s adaptability for any skirmish or scenario. This added barrel length as well as rail space makes this an ideal outdoors or field rifle with its added range and accessory space for customization needed in many outdoor operations.