What does presentence investigation ordered mean?

A presentence investigation report (PSIR) is a legal document that presents the findings an investigation into the “legal and social background” of a person convicted of a crime before sentencing to determine if there are extenuating circumstances which should influence the severity or leniency of a criminal sentence.

What happens at a pre sentence investigation?

During the presentence investigation, a probation officer will interview other persons who can provide pertinent information, including the prosecutor, law enforcement agents, victims, mental health and substance abuse treatment providers, and the defendant’s family members, associates and employer.

What is a pre sentence investigation used for?

A PSI report, also known as a presentence investigation report, consists of paperwork that a judge can use to help determine the right way to punish a defendant in a court case.

Who orders a presentence investigation?

Presentence Investigation Report: After a person has been convicted of a felony in federal court, the judge will order federal probation to complete a Presentence Investigation Report (PSI or PSR).

Is a pre-sentence report a good thing?

A pre-sentence report is intended to give the sentencing court some understanding as to why you committed the offence, how you feel about it now, and what your background, family and work circumstances are. Using this information, the court will decide the most appropriate sentence to give you.

Will I be drug tested at my presentence investigation?

Will I be drug tested at my presentence investigation interview? Not typically. However, a probation officer can drug test for purposes of the PSI at any time.

Is a pre-sentence investigation?

A pre-sentence investigation report is typically a report prepared by a probation officer with the department of corrections in anticipation of a sentencing for a person who’s either entered a plea to a criminal felony or is being sentenced after trial.

Who conducts the presentence investigation?

A presentence investigation, also called a presentencing investigation or PSI, is an investigation, usually conducted by a probation officer, which is designed to provide additional information about an offender which can be used by a judge when determining an appropriate sentence.

Who conducts a pre sentence report?

The pre-sentence report is generally prepared by a court-authorized officer from a probation or other corrections department after a detailed pre-sentence investigation.

What is a presentence investigation?

Presentence Investigation. Research that is conducted by court services or a Probation officer relating to the prior criminal record, education, employment, and other information about a person convicted of a crime, for the purpose of assisting the court in passing sentence.

What are pre-sentence investigations?

You may need to report to the Probation Department immediately after taking the plea offer.

  • You need to show up on time to the PSI.
  • the only way your PSI statements can be used against you is if
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