What does Realtek family controller do?

Before we proceed to the support fixes, it’s important to learn what the Realtek Pcie Gbe Family Controller is and how it can affect your computer. It is the driver that is used for operating the LAN hardware. This driver is found in your motherboard and it controls the Wire Network functions of your computer.

What is Realtek LAN Realtek PCIe GBE family controller?

Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller – the driver for gigabit network controllers on the basis of chips from a company Realtek. These network comptrollers are often built-in in system boards. This package of drivers of Realtek befits both for a 32-bit and for 64-bit operating systems.

Is Realtek PCIe Fe family controller Gigabit?

as opposed to 1.0 Gbps as it should.

Do I need Realtek LAN?

The Realtek Ethernet Controller Driver is the software driver for the Realtek Ethernet cards. It is a program used to communicate from the Windows PC OS to the device. This software is required in most cases for the hardware device to function properly.

How do I find my ethernet controller driver?

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > System and Security.
  2. Under System, click Device Manager.
  3. Double-click Network adapters to expand the section.
  4. Right-click the Ethernet Controller with the exclamation mark and select Properties.
  5. Go to Details tab, and then click Hardware IDs.

What is Realtek RTL8723DE 802.11b/g/n PCIe adapter?

The Realtek RTL8723DE is an 802.11bgn 2.4G single-chip that integrates Wireless LAN (WLAN) and a network PCIe interface controller with integrated Bluetooth 5.0 USB interface controller. It combines a WLAN MAC, a 1T1R capable WLAN baseband, and WLAN RF in a single chip.

Can I uninstall Realtek family controller?

To uninstall the Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller driver, here’s what you need to do: 1) On your keyboard, press Win+R (Windows logo key and the R key) at the same time to invoke the Run box. 2) Type devmgmt. 3) Right-click on Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller and select Uninstall.

What is a LAN driver?

LAN (Local Area Network) drivers are software programs used to connect a computer to a network of other computers. Network hardware devices, which might need LAN drivers to function, include network routers, modems, network cards, or network card adapters.

How fast is a Realtek PCIe Fe family controller?

100 mb/sec
Your Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller is probably a 10/100 network device, that means it’s max throughput is 100 mb/sec. The letters FE in the model name stands for “Fast Ethernet” which is 10/100 mb/sec.

Why is my network only 100mbps?

This means that the negotiated connection speed between the Ethernet adapter and whatever device it is plugged into is 100 Mbps. When everything is working correctly, this speed will read as 1.0 Gbps. The only setting that is of concern for a Gigabit connection is that the adapter is set to Auto Negotiation.

What is Realtek high definition audio driver?

Audio driver is the software that helps your operating system to communicate with audio devices such as sound cards and speakers. The package fixes the intermittent error that occurs on Windows 10 operating system while streaming audio.

Is the Realtek rtl8111h-cg compatible with 802.3?

The Realtek RTL8111H-CG/RTL8111HS-CG 10/100/1000M Ethernet controller combines a triple-speed IEEE 802.3 compatible Media Access Controller (MAC) with a triple-speed Ethernet transceiver, PCI Express bus controller, and embedded memory.

What does the gigabyte Lan optimizer utility do?

GIGABYTE LAN Optimizer is a simple GUI-based, software application that works in conjunction with the Realtek 8111E and above Network Interface Controller (NIC). It’s been designed to be as user friendly as possible, making intelligent network management simple to understand and implement.

Is the rtl8111h compatible with PCI Express 1.1?

The RTL8111H/RTL8111HS is suitable for multiple market segments and emerging applications, such as desktop, mobile, workstation, server, communications platforms, and embedded applications. Supports PCI Express 1.1 Supports hardware ECC (Error Correction Code) function

Is the rtl8111h compatible with IPv6 protocols?

The RTL8111H/RTL8111HS can offload ARP (IPv4) and NS (IPv6) protocols while in the D3 power saving state. The RTL8111H/RTL8111HS supports the ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) proxy for sleeping hosts standard.