What does Shvantz mean?

n. Very rude man, lowlife, snitch. n. Penis, dick.

What does Schwartz mean in Hebrew?

German and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for someone with black hair or a dark complexion, from Middle High German swarz, German schwarz, Yiddish shvarts ‘dark’, ‘black’.

What does the name Don mean in Hebrew?

Meaning. brown, chief, noble. Other names. Variant form(s) Donn.

What is the Yiddish word for foreskin?

As the only ritual that the religion itself considers indispensable–the word orel, “man with a foreskin,” is a synonym for gentile in both Hebrew and Yiddish–circumcision was until recently considered the infallible sign of the Jew throughout Europe and the Americas.

What does Shayna Punim mean?

pretty face
Shayna Punim (Yiddish) This phrase means “pretty face” (shayna=pretty, punim=face) and it’s what my grandma always used to call me. It makes me think of my grandparents, and it always made me feel special.

Is Schwarz a German name?

Distinguished bearers of the Jewish family name Schwarz include the German-born geologist, geographer, zoologist and botanist of Eretz Israel, Joseph Schwarz (1804-1865); the Austrian airship inventor David Schwarz (1845-1897); and the Austrian singer Vera Schwarz (1889-1964).

How common is the name Schwartz?

Schwartz Surname Distribution Map

Place Incidence Frequency
United States 123,109 1:2,944
Israel 16,261 1:526
Germany 11,933 1:6,746
France 10,031 1:6,622

Which is worse schmuck or putz?

In Jewish, a schmuck and a putz are both about stupid people. The difference is that a schmuck is out for number one, and a putz doesn’t know his kop from his tuches. The guy who cuts you off in traffic to get home 10 seconds earlier is a schmuck. A putz is harmless, but a schmuck can give you tsuris.

What is a Schmeal?

Shmeal is a sharing economy app (like Uber or Airbnb) that connects you with home cooks in your neighborhood. Cooks post meals they’re going to be cooking, and eaters submit requests and pick up from the cooks place.

Is Tuchus a bad word?

Tuchus is a slang term for butt or rear end. A slang term for your butt that is derived from Yiddish is an example of tuchus.

What does shvantz stand for in Urban Dictionary?

A German meat stick (penis) or a word to describe A doucherface. Hey Shvantz come here before i ass fuck you! Hey Shvantz, Aren’t you Jeff?

Where did the word shvantz come from in Destination Morgue?

Borrowed from Yiddish שוואַנץ ‎ (shvants, “tail, penis”) . 2004, James Ellroy, “Stephanie” in Destination: Morgue! New York: Vintage, p. 58, [1] He flashed his shvantz from his balcony. Down the aisle from me a fellow-addict fifty years my senior is dropping his load in his hat.

What does Dude you kicked me in the shvantz mean?

“Dude you kicked me in the Shvantz!” Pranit said. Get the Shvantz neck gaiter and mug. 1. Watermelon Sugar 2. Ghetto Spread