What does suppurative mean?

: to form or discharge pus.

What is suppurative and purulent?

Both purulent and suppurative are used to describe pus formation. However, others employ purulent and suppurative in a more specific way: purulent is used to describe the pus forming in the affected area whereas suppurative is used to describe the pus oozing from the site of injury or infection.

What does Supracostal mean?

[ sōō′prə-kŏs′təl ] adj. Located above the ribs.

What are suppurative infections?

Suppurative infections are typically caused by pyogenic bacteria, and are characterised by the formation of purulent exudates (pus). These infections may occur anywhere in the body and are particularly life-threatening when pertaining to the central nervous system (CNS).

What causes a suppurative inflammation?

Suppurative inflammation involves the production of large amounts of pus. The generation of chemotaxins by bacteria results in a dense accumulation of neutrophils which undergo autolysis by their own lysosomal enzymes. Release of proteases and activated oxygen metabolites by neutrophils results in tissue destruction.

What does suppurative inflammation mean?

Definition. A type of inflammation accompanied by the discharge of purulent exudate (pus) Supplement. Inflammation is a condition or a response of the body caused by an injury or infection.

What do you mean by abduction?

Abduction: The movement of a limb away from the midline of the body. The opposite of abduction is adduction.

What causes suppurative inflammation?

What is non suppurative infection?

Medical Definition of nonsuppurative : not characterized by or accompanied by suppuration nonsuppurative inflammation.

Which is the best definition of the word suppurative?

Medical definition of suppurative: of, relating to, or characterized by suppuration.

What is the medical definition of suppurative arthritis?

Medical Definition of suppurative. : of, relating to, or characterized by suppuration suppurative arthritis suppurative lesions.

What is the medical definition of suppuration in a wound?

Medical Definition of suppuration : the formation of, conversion into, or process of discharging pus an abscess is a localized area of suppuration suppuration in a wound Learn More About suppuration Dictionary Entries Near suppuration

What is the suppurative form of the word panaritium?

He was the first to observe that its suppurative form does not occur primarily, but is secondary to coagulation of the blood. Panaritium, pan-a-rish′i-um, n. suppurative inflammation in a finger—same as whitlow.