What does the coffee cup on a Mercedes dashboard mean?

Identifies and alerts tired drivers. If ATTENTION ASSIST detects low attention, a coffee cup symbol appears on the dashboard and an audio signal sounds to suggest a break. It works at speeds of more than 60 kilometres per hour. It can be switched off or adjusted for sensitivity.

How do I reset my Mercedes Attention Assist?

Press “Ok” on the left-side of your steering wheel, then press “Ok” again to disable (or enable) the Mercedes-Benz Attention Assist® system.

What does it mean when your Mercedes tells you to take a break?

Attention Assist
Mercedes-Benz’s Attention Assist is a system intended to help drivers recognise when they are drowsy or inattentive and to encourage them to take a break. If a sequence of such events is identified, the system warns the driver to take a break by showing a coffee cup signal in the dash and by an audible tone.

How does my Mercedes know I’m tired?

An industry-first by Mercedes-Benz, ATTENTION ASSIST® uses a sensor and detailed algorithm to detect fatigued driving behavior. After considering these external factors, ATTENTION ASSIST® will send you an alert that suggests you take a break from driving if it determines that your driving behavior is due to fatigue.

How does my Mercedes detect drowsiness?

Mercedes-Benz: Attention Assist In 2009, Mercedes-Benz unveiled a system called Attention Assist which monitors the driver’s fatigue level and drowsiness based on his/her driving inputs. It issues a visual and audible alarm to alert the driver if he or she is too drowsy to continue driving.

How do I know if my Mercedes has park assist?

When your Mercedes-Benz is in drive, the blue “P” indicator light will show that the PARKTRONIC® with Active Parking Assist feature is functioning and looking for a parking space for you.

What triggers Mercedes Attention Assist?

ATTENTION ASSIST® uses sensors to learn about your driving habits and can detect if driver fatigue is causing you to make small errors behind the wheel. If the system detects these common driver-fatigue-related errors, it will encourage you to take a break from your journey.

Why is my car telling me to consider taking a break?

Drowsiness alert systems display a coffee cup and message on your dashboard to take a driving break if it suspects that you’re drowsy. Some systems with audio alerts may verbally tell you that you may be drowsy and should take a break as soon as it’s safe to do so.

What happens if Attention Assist finds driver drowsiness?

This is why Mercedes-Benz has developed the innovative ATTENTION ASSIST system, which can detect when drivers start to become drowsy and prompt them to take a break before it’s too late. The system will be fitted as standard in the new E‑Class and the model year 2009 S-Class. likely to suffer a lapse in attention.

What are signs of a drowsy driver?

The Warning Signs of Drowsy Driving

  • Yawning or blinking frequently.
  • Difficulty remembering the past few miles driven.
  • Missing your exit.
  • Drifting from your lane.
  • Hitting a rumble strip.

What is the difference between Parktronic and park assist?

Parktronic, which depends on sensors in the front and rear bumpers to determine whether or not it can fit into a space, is now often combined with ‘Active Parking Assist’, which controls the steering to make parallel parking much easier.

Why does my Mercedes have a coffee cup on the dash?

Being some of the most advanced cars on the road, a Mercedes-Benz can be a fun experience in playing “guess the dash light.” MBWorld member tfsiii recently hit the forums to ask why his dash always had a little coffee cup symbol.

Can a Mercedes navigation system pull up Starbucks?

The Mercedes navigation system will automatically pull up Starbucks coffee locations for you, so this is a conspiracy and the two companies are in cahoots to make you buy more coffee.

What does the coffee cup icon on the speedometer mean?

I checked today and sure enough at about the 8 o’clock position there is what looks like a small coffee cup when the engine is on. I looked through my owners manual for about 20 minutes and could not find anything about the coffee cup icon. Does anyone know what this is for or what it means? Attention Assist. Pg. 164 in my manual.

What’s the best way to kill your Mercedes dashboard?

Train to be a drifter – If you have a RWD Mercedes, use every parking lot or onramp to hone your drift skills by traversing them in big smokey slides. With the permission of the local authorities, of course. Try going to the drag strip – Be like the guy in this video and go blasting down the drag strip. That is sure to keep your eyes open.