What does this mean de nada?

you’re welcome
: of nothing : you’re welcome.

What is your name in Spanish?

¿Cómo te llamas
What’s your name? = ¿Cómo te llamas?

What is the difference between Porfa and por favor?

When my friend and I speak Spanish with each other (we’re both learning and non-native speakers), we will often inject “porfa” at the end of a sentence when asking for something instead of the regular “por favor”. This seems like a natural shortening of a word/phrase that would happen in any language.

What is another word for de nada in Spanish?

In english we have a multitude of these; no problem, my pleasure, don’t mention it, and my favorite no worries, to just mention a few.

How do you spell cuates?

In Mexican standard Spanish, cuate is the word that we use to say ‘fraternal twins’ (non-identical twins). Keep in mind that if you’re talking about a pair of twin girls, cuate will become cuatas.

Is it por favor or por fabor?

I’m trying to teach myself Spanish – is por favor pronounced like that in Spain or is it pronounced por fabor? Yes it’s a v.

What does “Por Favor” mean in Spanish?

A Quick Overview Of Por Favor. ‘Por favor’ is the Spanish word for ‘please’. The word for ‘thank-you’ is ‘ gracias ‘.

What does Por Favore mean in Spanish?

‘Por favor’ is the Spanish word for ‘please’. The word for ‘thank-you’ is ‘gracias’. The French for ‘please’ is ‘s’il vous plaît’ (the polite form), or ‘s’il te plaît’ (the casual form). In Italian ‘please’ is ‘per favore’.

What is the definition of Por Favor?

The phrase por favor means please and is often used when asking for or requesting something. You’ll hear and say this word often, whether you’re ordering a meal at a restaurant or asking for help or directions, so it’s an important one to know!

What does por and para mean in Spanish?

In Spanish, por and para can be used to describe travel or motion. A simple rule to remember when to use the two prepositions is that por refers to travel/motion through a place or location while para refers to the destination of a journey. Salimos por la puerta.