What does Tino Rangatiratanga mean in the Treaty of Waitangi?

absolute sovereignty
Tino rangatiratanga is a Māori language term that is often translated as “absolute sovereignty”. It appears in the Māori version of the Treaty of Waitangi, signed by the British Crown and Māori chiefs (rangatira) in 1840.

What does Tino Rangatiratanga mean to Māori?

Tino rangatiratanga can mean self-determination, sovereignty, independence, autonomy. The term itself is rooted in a Māori worldview, and there is no one English term which fully encapsulates its meaning.

Why is Tino Rangatiratanga important to Māori?

Tino rangatiratanga helps describe a learner-centred teaching environment because we want to develop independent learners who can make their own decisions about their training and lives in general. This is particularly important for Māori and other learners who have not been served well by our institutions.

Does NZ law Recognise Tino Rangatiratanga?

New Zealand governments have progressively been involving Māori in decision-making regarding natural resources from the early 1990s. In that legislation, it will be posited, the New Zealand government has acknowledged tino rangatiratanga and shared power with Māori more than it ever has.

What are the 3 principles of the Treaty of Waitangi?

The “3 Ps” comprise the well-established Crown Treaty framework – the principles of partnership, participation and protection.

What does Rangatiratanga stand for?

Rangatiratanga — Independent Māori Statutory Board.

What is the difference between Mana motuhake and Tino Rangatiratanga?

mana motuhake, and some people may dispute this, for me means an authority that derives from the land and is of the land, and tino rangatiratanga is what you do on the land or what you do within your society, within your people . . ..

What is nga tikanga Māori?

Generally speaking, tikanga are Māori customary practices or behaviours. The concept is derived from the Māori word ‘tika’ which means ‘right’ or ‘correct’ so, in Māori terms, to act in accordance with tikanga is to behave in a way that is culturally proper or appropriate.

What does Manaakitanga mean in NZ?

Manakitanga means to extend aroha (love and compassion) to others. It is found in acts such as helping a loved one, encouraging one another or even supporting a complete stranger. Manaakitanga is one of the most important concepts to Māori people as it secures the strength of our whānau (families) and communities.

What did the Treaty of Waitangi agree to?

The Treaty promised to protect Māori culture and to enable Māori to continue to live in New Zealand as Māori. At the same time, the Treaty gave the Crown the right to govern New Zealand and to represent the interests of all New Zealanders.

What are the main points of the Treaty of Waitangi?

The purpose of the Treaty was to enable the British settlers and the Māori people to live together in New Zealand under a common set of laws or agreements. The Treaty aimed to protect the rights of Māori to keep their land, forests, fisheries and treasures while handing over sovereignty to the English.

What was the Maori version of the Treaty of Waitangi?

Kei a Kuini Wikitōria te mana kawanatanga, kei ngā rangatira te mana rangatiratanga. Queen Victoria holds authority over the country, the chiefs hold right of possession. There is an English version and a Māori version of the Treaty of Waitangi, with some significant differences between the two. Most rangatira signed the Māori version.

What was the effect of Te Tiriti o Waitangi?

The effect is Tino Rangatiratanga, Māori will take responsibility for Māori health and well-being. “The ultimate solution lies in constitutional reform based on Te Tiriti o Waitangi that entrenches equity of outcome and Māori participation in achieving this.

What is Tino Rangatiratanga and why is it important?

Tino rangatiratanga is a practice: living according to our tikanga, and striving wherever possible to ensure that the homes, land, and resources guaranteed to us under Te Tiriti o Waitangi are protected for the use and enjoyment of future generations. It is about ensuring that our communities are healthy, well-educated, and can live a good life.

Where does the Tino Rangatiratanga flag fly in New Zealand?

The Tino Rangatiratanga flag flies alongside the New Zealand national flag on the Auckland Harbour Bridge during Waitangi Day celebrations (photo: Hannah Peters/Getty Images). The Treaty of Waitangi granted us tino rangatiratanga – but what is it?