What does Type A mean on a light bulb?

A type describes a bulb that has a pear-like shape. The number that follows the “A” within the A series indicates the width of the bulb in one-eighth inch units or in millimeters.

How can you tell the size of a light bulb?

The light bulb size is determined by the maximum overall diameter (MOD) of the bulb’s shell. It is represented in eighths of an inch (1/8″). It’s also important to keep in mind the bulb’s length (or height) that is defined as the maximum overall length (MOL) expressed in inches.

How do light bulb sizes work?

Bulb Shapes and Sizes The code number of a bulb consists of a letter or letters followed by a number. The letter indicates the shape of the bulb and the number relates to the diameter of the bulb in eighths of an inch. The bulb is “A” type and the diameter would be 23/8″. A 65BR40 is a 65 watt reflector 5″ in diameter.

What is Type A bulb?

Type A bulbs, also called standard bulbs, are the classic, pear-shaped bulb. They’re used in both residential and commercial applications and screw in using an Edison screw. The most common of these bulbs are lamp bulbs or A19, which are used in all lamps, and A15 appliance bulbs. Shop All Type A Bulbs.

What is Type A bulb base?

The A-series light bulb is the “classic” glass light bulb shape that has been the most commonly used type for general lighting service (GLS) applications since the early 20th century. It has a pear-like shape and is typically fitted to either an Edison screw or a bayonet cap base.

What is the most common light bulb size?

For example, an “A19 bulb” means that that the bulb comes in a standard household shape and is 19/8 inches in size. A19 bulbs are the most common light bulb shape, so this is what you’ll see the most.

What is a Type A 25 watt bulb?

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Can I use Type A LED without ballast?

Type A: These are also known as ‘Plug and Play’ tube lights. They are compatible with linear fluorescent tube ballasts. Installing them means you will have to remove an existing fluorescent tube ballast. Type A+B: Also known as ‘Hybrid’ T8 LED tubes, Type A+B tubes work with or without a ballast.

Can you replace Type A bulb with LED?

When it comes to replacing old incandescent bulbs with LEDs, a common question that customers ask is: “Can I use an LED bulb that has a higher wattage equivalent than my fixture allows?” The simple answer is yes, as long as the LED bulb uses less wattage than your fixture.

What are the different sizes of light bulbs?

There are several light bulb base sizes and shapes. We’ve provided this light bulb and socket guide to help you understand the industry terms and help you with bulb identification. There are many light bulb base sizes available. PartyLights.com carries the three most common base sizes used in decorative string lights.

What’s the difference between a S14 and a G40 bulb?

For example, an S14 would be a sign bulb shape and 14/8″ (or 1.75″) and our decorative lighting G40 bulbs are globe shape and 40 mm (or approximately 1.5″). Alternatively, a purchased brand (e.g., GE or Sylvania) of a non-decorative lighting, standard household bulb may have a G40 bulb that is 40/8″ in size (or 5″).

How are the different types of light bulbs organized?

This guide is organized by series, with information about other common names, sizes (including light bulb size charts for each series), typical uses, and popular caps and bases. A-series light bulbs are the classic shape most people think of when they imagine a light bulb.

How big is a G series light bulb?

Most commonly used G series bulbs size chart; Light bulb: Light bulb code: G80 (UK) or G25 (US) G95 (UK) or G30 (US) G125 (UK) or G40 (US) Diameter in millimetres: 80mm: 95mm: 125mm: Diameter in one-eights of an inch: 25/8 (3.14″) 30/8 (3.70″) 40/8 (4.92″) Common lengths: 120mm: 140mm: 165-170mm