What forfeit means?

transitive verb. 1 : to lose or lose the right to especially by some error, offense, or crime. 2 : to subject to confiscation as a forfeit also : abandon, give up. forfeit. adjective.

What is the meaning of Mar in Arabic?

my lord
Mar (from Classical Syriac: ܡܪܝ‎ Mār(y), written with a silent final yodh) or Mor (vernacular pronunciation) is a title of respect in Syriac, literally meaning ‘my lord’.

What does muss mean in Arabic?

بَعْثَرَ [baʻṯara] {vb} muss (also: disturb, fling about, mess up, muddle up, strew, mix up, scatter)

What is forfeit money?

1 : the act of forfeiting : the loss of property or money because of a breach of a legal obligation assets subject to forfeiture. 2 : something (such as money or property) that is forfeited : penalty. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About forfeiture.

What is good forfeit?

We trust you to judge which.

  • Be spoon-fed a trifle by the person opposite you, who must perform this blindfolded.
  • Sing a Christmas carol in the style of a band chosen by the group.
  • Kiss everyone in the room whose name begins with the same letter as your own.
  • Tell a joke.
  • Swap clothes with the person on your left.

What does muss mean?

2 slang : a confused conflict : row. 3 : a state of disorder : mess. muss. verb. mussed; mussing; musses.

What does Jake the Mus mean?

Beth leaves her small town and much to her parents’ chagrin, she marries Jake “The Muss” (named for his big muscles) Heke. After 18 years, they live in an unkempt state house in South Auckland, New Zealand, and have five children. Their interpretations of life and being Māori are tested.

How do you use forfeit?

Forfeit in a Sentence 🔉

  1. A lack of players caused the team to forfeit the game.
  2. To ensure his employees get a holiday bonus, the company president will forfeit his own surplus.
  3. James was told to forfeit all contact with convicted felons if he did not want to violate the terms of his parole.

What is forfeit game?

Forfeits are stunts or actions that a person who has made a mistake or lost a game are required to carry out as punishment (and for the amusement of their fellow players).

What is muss called in English?

turmoil, hash, mess, confusion, chaos, muddle, shambles, mix-up, disarrangement, mess-up, rummage, disturb, disarray, ruffle, disorganize, rumple, upset, wrinkle, clutter, tousle.

What does mussed up mean?

1 : to batter or handle roughly : beat, maul wanted to get there in time to muss him up a bit— J. F. Fishman. 2 : to make chaotic or incoherent : confuse sold them liquor, and generally mussed up the situation— William Kent.