What fuel does a Cessna 152 use?

Fuel: Approved Grades 100LL (blue), 100 (green) Total Fuel 26.0 Gal. Total Usable 24.5 Gal. System Description: The airplane is equipped with a standard fuel system consisting of two vented fuel tanks, a fuel shutoff valve, fuel strainer, manual primer, and carburetor.

Why did Cessna stop making the 152?

In 1978 Cessna introduced a revised model, the 152, with a 110 horsepower Lycoming 0-235 engine. Like most light plane companies in the US, Cessna stopped building light aircraft all together in the mid 1980’s because of excessive product liability lawsuits.

How many miles per gallon does a Cessna 152 get?

20 MPG
At 20 MPG, a Cessna 152 is admirably economical, but a sardine can for the occupants.

How far can a Cessna 152 fly on a full tank?

A 152 with long range tanks could fly as far as 690 NM (1200 km or 800 miles), but to do that you’d have to climb to 10’000′, reduce the power and fly for 8.7 hours, which is a very long time in a 152. The farther you want to fly on a given amount of fuel, the slower you’ll have to fly.

Are Cessna 152 Safe?

Two-thirds of Cessna 152 accidents took place during flight instruction. The leading causes of fatal accidents in the Cessnas were low-altitude maneu- vering, losses of control during takeoff, and pilot impairment or incapacitation. In the comparable fleet, they were adverse weather and losses of engine power.

Does the Cessna 152 have a nickname?

The C152 is called just that a C152. Cessna never gave it a name like the C172 Skyhawk.

Can a Cessna 152 do aerobatics?

The following aerobatic maneuvers are approved: chandelles, steep turns, barrel rolls, snap rolls, loops, vertical reversements, lazy eights, spins, aileron rolls, Immelmann turns, Cuban eights and stalls (except whip stalls). Reims-built Model 152, 552 built.

How do you weight and balance a Cessna 152?

Multiply each weight by its “Arm” and put the result in the “Moment” column. Total the Weight and Moment columns. Divide Total Moment by Total Weight to determine the C.G. (center of gravity) location. Verify Total Weight and C.G. fall within the C.G. envelope prior to conducting any flight.

Is Cessna 152 good for training?

The Cessna 152 is the world’s tried-and-true trainer. The 2-seat C-152 is a strong, stable, and durable aircraft and it is powered by a reliable Lycoming engine. Together with an exceptional safety record, the C-152 offers an excellent training environment.

Can you roll a Cessna 152?

A warning to not do rolls or loops in a standard Cessna 150 or 152 (or any other nonaerobatic airplane) is emphasized. A briefing on exiting the aircraft and use of the chute is given at the airplane.

How much fuel does a Cessna 152 burn per hour?


1978 Cessna 152 1985 Cessna 152
Fuel Capacity 26 gallons Long Range Tanks: 39 gallons 26 gallons Long range tanks: 39 gallons
Min. Octane Fuel 100 100
Avg. Fuel Burn at 75% power in standard conditions per hour 6.1 gallons Unknown
Weights and Capacities:

How much weight can a Cessna 152 carry?

Maximum Useful Load 152: 589 lbs.