What gun was called the Widowmaker?

Model 1911
In this position, the muzzle of the weapon would be pointing towards the face of the user, and the swelled shell could fire, injuring or killing the user. This safety issue led to the Model 1911 being nicknamed “the Widowmaker”.

How much is a Winchester 351 worth?

The Gunboker prices seem to be running from about $350 for very rough or altered guns to $900 for really pristine. $450 may be a little high, but that’s a gun with a pretty storied history through the prohibition era.

How much is a Winchester 1907 worth?

In addition to the standard or “plain finish” model, a deluxe or “fancy finish” model was offered with pistol grip stock and checkering on the forearm and wrist of the stock. The plain finish rifles were offered in 1907 at a list price of $28 (approximately $730 in 2016).

What caliber is a 351 Winchester?

.351 Winchester Self-Loading
From left to right: .35 Winchester Self-Loading, .351 Winchester Self-Loading, .45 ACP
Type Rifle
Place of origin United States
Service history

Are Winchester rifles valuable?

The Winchester rifle is still the highest selling Winchester rifle to ever be sold at auction. The story and historic past of the firearm made it sell for an astounding 1.265 million dollars.

What is the value of a Winchester Model 1892?

Fancy 1892 Sporting Rifle*
Excellent Very Good Good
$12000 $7500 $4000
* First years of production (#1-165430) add 10% + Take down version add 20%

What frame is a S&W Model 19?

Smith & Wesson Model 19. The S&W Model 19 is a revolver produced by Smith & Wesson on its K-frame. The model 19 is chambered for .357 Magnum.

What kind of Revolver is the Smith and Wesson Model 19?

Smith & Wesson Model 19. The S&W Model 19 is a revolver produced by Smith & Wesson on its K-frame.

When did the Winchester Model 1911 shotgun come out?

It was Winchester’s first autoloading shotgun, but design flaws kept it from providing competition for the autoloading shotguns made by Remington Arms and Browning Arms Company . The Model 1911 SL (for “Self-Loading”) shotgun was developed in 1911 by Thomas Crossley Johnson for the Winchester Repeating Arms Corporation.

Is there a Winchester Model 50 12 gauge?

Winchester Model 50 12 Gauge with Pad 13 3/4 LOP, Nice shooter, Steel, MFG 1956, 30″ Barrel – 12 GA BuyItNow! Winchester Model 71 with 24 inch barrel Circa 1951 – .348 Win. Winchester Model 71 Custom Rifle Nice Bore Orig. Bluing 1936 – .348 Win.