What happened in the 1913 massacre?

A short history of the biggest mass murder in Michigan history: the massacre of 73 people, mostly the children of striking miners at a Christmas party on Christmas Eve in 1913. In July 1913, over 7,000 miners struck the C&H Copper Mining Company in Calumet, Michigan.

How many people died in the 1913 massacre?

73 people
More than a century after the Italian Hall Disaster on Christmas Eve 1913, the deaths of 73 people at a party for striking mine workers remain a scar on the tiny town of Calumet.

Who caused the Italian Hall Disaster?

“Much of the violence wasn’t caused by the strikers, it was caused by the strikebreakers, who were brought in by mine management,” Lehto said. A few months later, in December, Calumet miners and their families went to the Italian Hall for a Christmas party hosted by the Western Federation of Miners.

Was Calumet almost the capital of Michigan?

copper mining town of Calumet was once considered as a possible location Michigan’s state capital, losing out to Lansing by just one vote. The myth has been debunked (the vote happened in 1847, and Calumet didn’t exist until 1864), but it’s understandable why it has persisted.

What was the Italian Hall fire?

Seventy-three men, women, and children, mostly striking mine workers and their families, were crushed to death in a stampede when someone falsely shouted “fire” at a crowded Christmas party.

Is Calumet in Keweenaw County?

Calumet Township has year-round recreation. For ATV riders and snowmobilers, Calumet Township is home to a trail system that stretches for nearly 100 miles throughout Houghton and Keweenaw counties. In the winter, the Swedetown Recreation Area has 35 km of groomed cross country ski trails.

When did Red Jacket become Calumet?

The changing of the name of the Village of Red Jacket to the Village of Calumet was made in 1929. The Laurium reincorporating was authorized under State of Michigan Public Acts 3 of 1895. The name change was due to the keen desire by the Village residents for their own post office.

What is the nickname of Michigan?

Great Lake State
Water Winter WonderlandWolverine State

What was the original capital of Michigan?

The first state capitol was in Detroit, the original capital of Michigan, and was relocated to Lansing in 1847, due to the need to develop the state’s western portion and for better defense from British troops stationed in Windsor, Ontario.

How many people died in the Italian Hall?

On December 24, 1913, Calumet residents filled the Italian Hall that used to stand on Seventh Street for a Christmas Eve party. At approximately 4:30 that afternoon, someone falsely shouted, “Fire!” The exclamation caused a panic. A total of 73 people died in the chaos, including 59 children.

What was the response to the Italian Hall tragedy?

To date, there has been much debate about who cried “fire” and why. It is conjectured by some historians and Woody Guthrie that “fire” was called out by an anti-union ally of mine management to disrupt the party.

What is Calumet MI known for?

As the epicenter of the historic 1900’s Keweenaw copper boom, Calumet has a rich past. But today, it’s known as the heart of the Keweenaw Peninsula thanks to its central location, easy access to trails, and a myriad of historical attractions.

Where did the 1913 Massacre take place in Michigan?

1913 Massacre is a touching documentary that revisits the tragic events that took place in the copper mining town of Calumet in the northern tip of Michigan on Christmas Eve 1913.

Why was there a fire in Calumet in 1914?

Several witnesses in a federal inquest in 1914 testified that one of the people seen yelling “Fire!” had an anti-union button on his coat. No one was ever charged with the crime. This event has become a touchstone for tiny Calumet, which sits in the middle of the Keweenaw Peninsula.

How old were the people in the 1913 Massacre?

Over half those who died were children between 6 and 10 years old. One of the most striking scenes in the film shows dozens of tiny white coffins being carried long distances through the snow to the cemetery in a funeral cortege that included thousands of mourners in the dead of a northern winter, because the town didn’t have enough carriages.

Where was the Italian Hall disaster in 1913?

Italian Hall, aka Società Mutua Beneficenza Italiana of Calumet. The Italian Hall Disaster (sometimes referred to as the 1913 Massacre) was a tragedy that occurred on Wednesday, December 24, 1913, in Calumet, Michigan.