What happened to Costanza Bonarelli?

The Bust of Costanza Bonarelli is a marble portrait sculpture by the Italian artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini, created in the 1630s. It is now in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello in Florence, Italy.

Who was Costanza to Bernini?

Carved by Gianlorenzo Bernini in 1636–37 for his own pleasure, the portrait of Costanza is one of his most captivating works, but until now little has been known about its subject. For centuries Costanza was identified only as Bernini’s mistress, who later incited his rage by betraying him for his brother.

Who was Bernini married to?

Caterina Tezio
Pope Urban VIII stepped in before anyone got killed, advising Bernini to get married. He did, in 1639, to Caterina Tezio. Their marriage lasted 34 years, they had 11 children and Bernini remained professional and, increasingly, religious to the last, when another Pope blessed him on his deathbed.

How did Bernini make his sculptures?

To achieve the ornate effects in architectural works such as the Baldachin, Bernini used a method of casting called the lost-wax method, ancient and painstaking process. In this method, the first step is to create a wax original model of the sculpture.

Where is Bernini buried?

Basilica Papale di Santa Maria Maggiore, Rome, Italy
Gian Lorenzo Bernini/Place of burial

Shortly after the completion of the latter project, Bernini died in his home on 28 November 1680 and was buried, with little public fanfare, in the simple, unadorned Bernini family vault, along with his parents, in the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore.

Where did Bernini get his work from?

Bernini’s childhood was spent in Naples and he began sculpting from an early age working closely with his father, a successful Mannerist sculptor who carried out prestigious commissions in Naples and later Rome. Bernini was a deeply religious Catholic and created his first work at the age of eight.

Who is the first Baroque artist?

Caravaggio. Caravaggio (1571–1610), born and trained in Milan, stands as one of the most original and influential contributors to late 16th century and early 17th century European painting.

What is the greatest Baroque sculpture?

He was named royal sculptor of Louis XIII of France, but died in 1643 during the journey from Rome to Paris. Major sculptors in the late period included Niccolo Salvi (1697–1751), whose most famous work was the design of the Trevi Fountain (1732–1751).

How many percent is Bernini?

Rich and golden in colour, Bernini Classic has a 4.5% alcohol by volume and is best served cold.

Who is the greatest Baroque sculptor?

Gian Lorenzo Bernini
Gian Lorenzo Bernini was an Italian artist, arguably the greatest sculptor of the 17th century, known for having developed the Baroque style of sculpture.

Who was the greatest figure of baroque art?

Gian Lorenzo Bernini was the most important Italian sculptor during the Baroque Period, both in Rome and throughout Europe. Bernini’s sculpture of French ruler Louis XIV set the standard for royal portraiture for a century.