What happened to KPN?

Ltd. has filed insolvency proceedings against KPN Travels Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for alleged non-payment of dues of over ₹5 crore. The NCLT directed KPN to file the list of assets, vehicles and other details before the next date of hearing on January 5, 2021.

Who is the owner of KPN Travels?

Dr. K.P. Natarajan
KPN Travels is headquartered in Salem, Tamil Nadu and was founded in 1972 by Dr. K. Ponmalai Goundar Natarajan….KPN Travels.

Founded 1972
Fleet 250
Chief executive Dr. K.P. Natarajan
Website kpntravels.in

How many bus in KPN Travels?

Started in 1972, KPN Travels is headquartered in Salem. It operates in major cities of South India covering 90+ different destinations. KPN Travels Chennai has a fleet of 600+ buses that runs on 100+ routes. The bus operator has all the facilities for a safe and convenient journey for passengers.

What is KPN net?

Welcome to KPN. KPN is the network of the Netherlands. We offer a better network with better possibilities. Our website is mostly written in Dutch, though you can find general information about our services in English on this page.

How many buses travel Vrl?

Founded in 1976 by Vijay Sankeshwar, VRL has the largest fleet of commercial vehicles in India with 4,077 vehicles, which include 373 buses and 3,704 trucks, Salageri said. VRL is also the largest Volvo bus fleet operator among private operators with 140 coaches, he said.

What is a KPN code?

The KPN Code of Conduct is divided into four separate codes that describes and stimulates how to act with customers, shareholders, business associates, competitors, each other and society in the broadest sense. Some codes further implement statutory regulations, such as competition laws and cartels.

What is KPN mail?

KPN (in full Koninklijke KPN N.V., also Royal KPN N.V.) is a Dutch landline and mobile telecommunications company. KPN originated from a government-run postal, telegraph and telephone service and is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Who is the CEO of SRS Travels?

Padmaja Gopi – CEO SRS Travels shares her experience and expectations with Scania Team.

What is the full form of VRL Travels?

VRL Logistics Limited (formerly Vijayanand Roadlines Ltd.), commonly known as the VRL Group, is an Indian conglomerate headquartered in Hubballi, Karnataka, India with operations in around 23 states and 4 union territories in the country.

What are keypad numbers?

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What is the meaning of KPN?


Acronym Definition
KPN Koninklijke PTT Nederland (Royal Dutch Telecom)
KPN Ketua Polis Negara (Indonesian: Chairman of State Policy)
KPN Kahn Process Networks (computation model)
KPN Konfederacja Polski Niepodleglej (Polish conservative party)

Who is the founder of KPN Travels company?

KPN Travels is a private company operating long distance bus services between major towns in the South Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry. It was founded in 1973 by Dr. K.P. Natarajan.

How to book bus tickets for KPN travel online?

Customers can easily book KPN Travels buses online with zero bus booking fees. Online bus ticket also can be obtained with help of online travel portals. Hence go online and book cheap bus tickets for KPN Travel. KPN Travels Online Bus Tickets Booking – Get Rs 120 Off on Bus Tickets at MakeMyTrip. Zero Booking Fees!

Which is the best route for KPN Travels?

Some important routes provided by KPN Travels operators include Hyderabad to Chennai, Bangalore to Chennai, Chennai To Ooty, Chennai To Ernakulam to name a few! KPN Travels Online ticket booking for the bus can be done on abhibus.com by using online payment methods (Credit Cards, Debit Cards or Net banking).

How many buses does KPN Travels have in Chennai?

KPN Travels Chennai has a fleet of 600+ buses that runs on 100+ routes. The bus operator has all the facilities for a safe and convenient journey for passengers. KPN Travels pride itself on being a punctual and comfortable bus service.