What happened to the real Alois Trancy?

Alois returned with Claude Faustus and became the head of the Trancy household after his father died under mysterious circumstances. Alois as a child. However, his actual past is revealed during a flashback he has before he dies in the episode Divulging Butler.

Why does Alois abuse Hannah?

Alois seems to dislike her as he frequently beats and verbally abuses her, calling her a whore because he believes she is trying to take the attention off of him. Hannah is once again shown being abused by Alois when he becomes frustrated with trying to find an acceptable costume for his ball.

What is Alois Trancy scared of?

His Faustian contract is known to only appear when Claude is close to him. Alois is easily frightened of childish things such as the dark and being alone.

Who is Alois Trancy’s Butler in Kuroshitsuji?

One of Alois’s few consistent traits is his attachment to his butler Claude Faustus, whose attention he constantly tries to attract. He showcases an extreme need for affection and acknowledgement. Alois punishes Hannah Annafellows.

How did Alois Trancy become Lord of the trancy household?

An event which occurred in this village left all the villagers dead, leaving Alois as the only survivor. Alois then returned with Claude and soon became the Trancy household’s lord after his father died under mysterious circumstances, an occurrence his uncle, Arnold Trancy, finds suspicious.

What kind of clothes does Alois Trancy wear?

Alois is a young man with light blonde hair and icy blue eyes. He wears a long plum frock coat, a dark green vest with black lining and a black back, a white button-up shirt, shorts, long black stockings, brown high heel boots with purple laces, and a dark grey-black ribbon tied around his neck.

What happens at the costume ball in Alois Trancy?

Afterwards, Alois holds a costume ball to persuade Ciel, Sebastian, and the Phantomhive household to come to Trancy Manor. He lets his butler talk with Sebastian but tells him to settle the matter in ten minutes. However, Claude later returns with Sebastian alive and Alois opts to punish Claude but the latter refuses.