What happens in episode 99 of Fairy Tail?

Natsu vs. Gildarts is the 99th episode of the Fairy Tail anime. The S-Class Candidates who have chosen the paths that led to the current S-Class Mages are revealed. Juvia Lockser and Lisanna face off against Erza Scarlet where they are at a disadvantage.

Why did Natsu cry when fighting Gildarts?

Natsu crying after Gildarts lets him pass Gildarts smiles at him and approaches him, impressed that Natsu is one of the few people who has the courage to re-sheath their blades. Gildarts tells Natsu that fear is not evil, but it is a way to know one’s weakness.

What happens in episode 98 of Fairy Tail?

The potential S-Class Mages move towards Tenrou Island. Makarov explains the rules of the first test: each team has to choose one of eight paths. The pairs that meet on intersecting paths will battle while the pairs that meet with the current S-Class Mages will end up having a hard battle. Only one path is peaceful.

What episode is Miss Fairy Tail Contest?

Battle of Fairy Tail
Battle of Fairy Tail is the 42nd episode of the Fairy Tail anime. Magnolia’s annual Harvest Festival begins. Fairy Tail celebrates the festival with a contest of beauty and Magic for the female Mages: the Miss Fairy Tail Contest.

Can Gildarts beat zeref?

The heroes easily win this. Zeref’s main assets are his death magic and immortality. Take both away and he is basically just a generally strong mage. A monster like Gildarts could easily overwhelm him.

What happens in Fairy Tail episode100?

Makarov announces the results of the first test and they find out that Juvia Lockser and Lisanna were beaten by Erza Scarlet while Elfman and Evergreen beat Mirajane through some secret technique. Evergreen and Elfman’s method of defeating Mirajane is revealed to Erza, Juvia and Lisanna by Mirajane herself.

Will Natsu ever beat Gildarts?

10 GILDARTS (CAN’T BEAT) Natsu developed this habit of sneak attacking and fighting with Gildarts, and in all these events, he would lose. Yes, Natsu has grown exponentially but, as his last fight with Gildarts showed, he’s far from the level of Gildarts.

Who is jellal’s brother?

Meanwhile, Jellal had worked his way into the Magic Council using a Thought Projection of himself, named “Siegrain”. Sometime after this, Jellal, as “Siegrain”, ran into Erza Scarlet, and prevented her from attacking him by lying to her, saying that he was Jellal’s twin brother.