What happens in Season 2 of The Originals?

The Originals is all about family, and this was explored in a huge way this season. Esther returned along with Finn and Kol. Finn inhabited Vincent’s body, developing a crush on Camie along the way. Kol returned in a new body (with a darling accent) and quickly developed real feelings for Davina.

What happened in the end of season 2 The Originals?

The season 2 finale will tell us who wins in the battle of Mikaelsons vs. Dahlia, and we are more anxious than ever. Dahlia plans to kill Freya when the moon is at its apex, and severing her link to Freya will firmly link her to Hope permanently. Marcel is there when Rebekah sits up in her Original body.

What happened to Hayley in The Originals Season 2?

Even after giving birth in The Originals season 1 finale – while kidnapped by the coven, no less – things didn’t let up for Hayley. Soon after holding Hope for the first time, evil witch Monique Deveraux (Yasmine Al-Bustami) killed Hayley before making off with the newborn.

Who kills Dahlia in The Originals?

Esther continues to strangle Dahlia and signals Elijah, who throws the knife meant for Dahlia to a healing Klaus, who stabs Esther and pushes the blade through her into Dahlia, killing her with her sister’s blood.

Who kills Dahlia in You Season 2 Original?

In the Season 2 finale, Joe’s girlfriend, Love, reveals that she murdered Delilah. It’s not the first time she’s murdered someone, and it won’t be the last. She wanted to protect Joe’s murderous secrets, and in the heat of the moment believed that killing Delilah was the only way to do that.

Does Freya hate Klaus?

They both had a closer relationship to Mikael than Esther, however Mikael and Klaus hated each other and Mikael and Freya loved each other. In Ashes to Ashes, Freya tried kill Klaus, and she looked very sad when doing so and she said to Marcel that Klaus is her family and she didn’t want to kill him.

Who is more powerful Bonnie or Davina?

In terms of their own magic (just their own power without power ups like harvest, channeling or expression), Davina is way stronger than Bonnie. In terms of their own magic, Bonnie is way stronger.

Does Hope get taken by Dahlia?

With the wolves currently incapacitated, Dahlia was able to finally obtain Hope, who had been abandoned by her step-grandmother Mary after she was forced into wolf form. In Ashes to Ashes, Dahlia linked herself to Klaus while Hope watched them both from her car seat.

Is Freya evil in the originals?

The Originals Season 2 spoilers reveal that Freya’s plans might not be as evil as they seemed during last Monday’s new episode. Freya’s only made one, very brief appearance on The Originals since she revealed herself to Rebekah and told her sister to warn their brothers that something was coming.

Are Freya and Finn twins?

Freya and Finn are the oldest Mikaelson siblings, and Kol and Rebekah are the youngest (after the death of Henrik). Finn and Freya worked together against Dahlia and Kol and Rebekah worked together against them.

Who is the strongest witch in originals?

Here are 10 of the most powerful witches in The Originals.

  1. 1 Freya Mikaelson. Once tied to her aunt Dahlia and forced to sleep through centuries, Freya is freed by her siblings and becomes a proper Mikaelson.
  2. 2 The Hollow.
  3. 3 Hope Mikaelson.
  4. 4 Dahlia.
  5. 5 Vincent Griffith.
  6. 6 Esther Mikaelson.
  7. 7 Davina Claire.
  8. 8 Papa Tunde.

When does the originals season 2 come out?

The Originals (season 2) The Originals. (season 2) The Originals, an American supernatural drama, was renewed for a second season by The CW on February 13, 2014 and it premiered on October 6, 2014.

What happens to Davina in Season 2 of the originals?

Per order by Esther, Davina is attacked by a group of werewolves, and has to call for Mikael’s help. Just when Elijah and Marcel arrive, they find the secret that Davina has been hiding. Hayley has her wolf pack in Klaus and Elijah’s house, while Klaus has a meeting with Esther.

What happens to Kol in Season 2 of the originals?

When his family found out he was betraying them, they stole the object, put Kol in a coffin when Rebekah found him trying to get it back and locked Mary and Astrid in a house used by the coven to place insane witches. In present day, Kol wants Davina’s help to get the object back. Hayley and Klaus find their daughter and spend time with her.

What happens to Esther in Season 2 of the originals?

After this revelation, Esther jumps out of teenaged Cassie and the spell Lenora casts falls on her and she is Identified as Esther through a mark. She tells her sons she wants to heal and not to harm, and give them a new life and she vanishes in a mysterious way.