What hurricanes made landfall on Long Island?

The last hurricane to make landfall on Long Island was Gloria in 1985 and the last one to make landfall in New England was Bob in 1991. Hurricane Bob killed at least a dozen people, brought down power lines and wrecked houses as neighborhoods flooded.

What was the worst hurricane to hit Long Island?

1938 New England hurricane
The strongest of these storms was the 1938 New England hurricane, which struck Long Island as a Category 3 storm on the Saffir–Simpson hurricane scale. Killing more than 60 people, it was also the deadliest.

What hurricane was in 1970?

The 1970 Atlantic hurricane season was the first season of the most recent low-activity era (“cold phase”) of tropical cyclone formation in the Atlantic….

1970 Atlantic hurricane season
Name Celia
• Maximum winds 125 mph (205 km/h) (1-minute sustained)
• Lowest pressure 945 mbar (hPa; 27.91 inHg)
Seasonal statistics

What hurricane hit Long Island in the 80s?

The storm was the first significant system to strike the northeastern United States since Hurricane Agnes in 1972 and the first major storm to affect New York and Long Island directly since Hurricane Donna in 1960. Figure 1. Track of Hurricane Gloria, September 15 through September 28, 1985. Figure 2.

What was the storm in Forrest Gump?

Hurricane Carmen
Hurricane Carmen was a major Atlantic hurricane that made landfall on the US coast of the Gulf of Mexico in early September 1974. In the Forrest Gump film, the hurricane is noted for having decimated the shrimping industry of Bayou La Batre.

How many hurricanes were there in 1960?


1960 Atlantic hurricane season
Hurricanes 4
Major hurricanes (Cat. 3+) 2
Total fatalities 492
Total damage $990.7 million (1960 USD)

When was the hurricane that hit Long Island?

September 21, 1938: The 1938 New England hurricane hits at central Long Island at Suffolk County. The hurricane is a Category 3 when it hits. In New York, 60 deaths and hundreds of injuries are tied to the storm.

When did Hurricane Gloria hit Long Island NY?

Sept. 27, 1985: Hurricane Gloria, with wind gusts of up to 100 mph, caused up to $100 million in damage on Long Island. Federal and state relief funds later repaid $42 million.

What was the movie Hurricane about in 1979?

Hurricane (1979) PG | 2h | Adventure, Drama | 12 April 1979 (USA) The desperate love affair between a young Samoan chief and an American painter, against the will of her father. Amid this man-made tension comes a hurricane so devastating, the lives of the lovers and the entire island are imperiled.

When did Hurricane Donna hit Long Island NY?

September 11, 1960: Hurricane Donna hits Long Island as a Category 2 hurricane. Sustained winds on eastern Long Island are 100 mph. Western Long Island has winds of 70 mph. Damage is very low.