What is a DAV meeting?

DAV Chapter members usually meet monthly to network and discuss issues of importance to veterans and the organization. Chapters often hold formal ritual ceremonies in which new members are inducted into the organization.

Is the DAV legitimate?

DAV is an accredited charity by all the standards of the Better Business Bureau’s Wise Giving Alliance and is completely transparent with financials and tax returns. Our annual report shows the scope of our accomplishments on behalf of veterans.

Who is the CEO of DAV?

Adjutant Burgess
As DAV’s senior staff official, National Adjutant Burgess serves as the organization’s chief executive officer and leads the 650-member DAV staff, managing all operations of the organization of wartime injured and ill veterans, one of America’s largest charitable institutions.

What is the DAV military?

The Disabled American Veterans (DAV) is an organization created in 1920 by World War I veterans for disabled military veterans of the United States Armed Forces that helps them and their families through various means.

Why should I join DAV?

Joining DAV is your way to stay in the fight. But there are advantages involved as well. They include discounts, bonuses and complimentary products and services for you and your family. Join more than 1 million of your fellow veterans to take advantage of the wide range of membership advantages.

Does the DAV help with VA claims?

DAV benefits experts are available across the country to help veterans navigate their VA benefits and provide counseling for veterans on claims and appeals—all at no cost to the veteran.

How much does the CEO of DAV make?

DAV’s Chief Executive Officer, Arthur Wilson, last year got $287,000 in compensation plus $72,994 in “other” pay from DAV or related organizations; General Counsel Christopher Clay $198,558, plus $144,331; and J. Marc Burgess, the executive director of the national headquarters, $163,483, plus another $122,532.

What is the salary of DAV CEO?

Who qualifies for DAV?

Any service member who was not dishonorably discharged and sustained an injury or illness during their time in the military—whether service connected by the VA or not—or anyone who aggravated a previous injury during his or her time in service, is eligible for DAV membership so long as they served during a period of …

Is the DAV free?

All services provided by DAV are free of charge. Military members separating from active duty should talk to a Transition Service Officer.

Who are the national leaders of the DAV?

And many are filling important roles as leaders at the local, state and national levels to ensure the mission succeeds. Regardless of how active you are in our cause, the more you know about the services DAV offers, the more of an impact you can make.

How does DAV contribute to the Veterans cause?

By simply joining DAV or the Auxiliary, we contribute to the cause. But many choose to go even further and make DAV a part of their lives. Some support in-hospital volunteerism and thank veterans in person for their service.

What can I do to help the DAV network?

But many choose to go even further and make DAV a part of their lives. Some support in-hospital volunteerism and thank veterans in person for their service. Others donate their time to the DAV Transportation Network to ensure our heroes get the care they’ve earned. For others, DAV’s legislative efforts are the way to go.