What is a fog nozzle used for?

Fog nozzles are designed to provide a dispersed stream to protect personnel. Teeth are provided to break up the water into smaller droplets for better heat absorption and steam effect.

How does a fog nozzle work?

Fog nozzles produce a cone-shaped stream of small water droplets. These droplets can more easily be converted into steam, which takes heat from the surrounding air and can even be used to push hot air out of a room. Straight streams discharge water in the shape of a column.

What are the two types of fire nozzles?

The Different Types of Fire Hose Nozzles

  • Smooth-Bore Nozzles. Smooth-bore nozzles, a type of manual nozzle, have a simple, cylindrical design that doesn’t consist of any internal parts to facilitate the control of gallonage or pressure.
  • Constant Gallonage Spray Nozzles.
  • Automatic Spray Nozzles.

How does an automatic nozzle work?

The automatic nozzle uses a principle very similar to that of a pumper relief valve. A highly dependable spring, connected to the baffle that forms the discharge orifice, is balanced against the water pressure in the nozzle. The pressure-control spring senses any increase or decrease in pressure within the nozzle.

What is a Playpipe nozzle?

In general, playpipes might evolve from some kinds of general-utility firefighting hose nozzles or specialty tool used by inspectors. Today, fire playpipes are used by fire experts to measure the water flow rate, especially during the testing of fire hydrants or fire pumps.

How do you calculate nozzle pressure?

Use the bore diameter of the nozzle and the flow in gallons per minute to calculate the nozzle pressure. Use that to determine the nozzle reactive force (See figure 1). Figure 1—Nozzle reactive force generated during service testing.

How do you control a nozzle reaction?

One limitation of the work is that hose stiffness and ground friction are neglected. Firefighters kneeling or sitting on the fire hose while spraying, is an effective strategy to reduce nozzle reaction tremendously.

What is a broken stream nozzle?

The broken or aspirated stream nozzle provides great mobility and excellent gpm flow at low nozzle pressures. It’s larger than other nozzles and aspirates the stream as it travels through the tip, producing large water droplets to better absorb heat.

What do you pump a smooth bore nozzle at?

The operating pressure of the smooth bore is a range from 40 to 60 pounds per square inch (psi), with 50 psi as optimal.

What do you need to know about fog nozzles?

Conventional fog nozzles have a fixed or selectable gpm setting. These settings correspond to a particular discharge orifice, or tip size. In order for a conventional nozzle with a fixed opening to operate at the correct nozzle pressure of 100 psi, the proper gpm flow must be supplied.

Where can I get fire nozzles for firefighters?

From structural fires to wildland and forestry fires, be prepared with fire nozzles from eDarley. At eDarley we offer firefighters a wide range of fire nozzle options.

How much does a ammist fogger nozzle cost?

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How big was the CSFD fog nozzle attack?

In their studies, the CSFD placed thermo-couples in several 350-square-foot rooms, with fire loads consisting of five wooden pallets and a bale of straw. The researchers dispatched an engine company when the fire breached the windows of these rooms.