What is a letterbox security cowl?

The letterbox Security Guard fits over the inside of the letterbox opening in your front door, Protect yourself against: Thieves fishing through your letterbox with a rod and hook to steal your car keys or purse. Small hands reaching in to open your door by undoing the night latch.

How do I stop people from looking through my letterbox?

Here are our top tips for preventing letterbox crime.

  1. Don’t leave your keys in plain sight.
  2. Install key-operated locks.
  3. Replace your letterbox for one with a draught excluder.
  4. Install a letterbox restrictor.
  5. Get rid of your letterbox altogether.
  6. Quick tips for preventing letterbox crime.

How can I secure my letterbox?

Ways to prevent letterbox burglary

  1. Never leave house keys or car keys in plain sight.
  2. Replace your current letterbox for one which comes with a draught excluder.
  3. Buy and fit a proper anti-burglar letterbox.
  4. Install a letterbox restrictor.
  5. Remove your letterbox altogether and install an external mailbox instead.

What is a security cowl?

These simple devices ensure that anything posted through is diverted to the floor whilst offering privacy against persons lifting the letter plate and looking into the property. …

Do burglars look through letterbox?

Hide your Valuables: The simplest way you can improve your security is by hiding your valuables and keys out of sight. If a burglar cannot easily see or reach valuables in your home through the letterbox or the window they will most likely give up and carry on.

Can you block your letterbox?

The correct solution is to purchase a piece of wood ideally the same type as the door, cut it to size, coat the hole of the letter box with a thin veneer of exterior wood glue. Gently tap the block into the hole. Once the glue has set, if required plane or sand down the block to be flush with the rest of the door.

Is a letterbox safe?

Home security is much more than locking your doors and windows. Your letterbox is a vulnerable point on your door; criminals can use it to peer through for signs of an empty home, unwanted items can be pushed through the letter box and thieves can use it to ‘fish’ keys out of your property.

How do you stop letterbox flapping in the wind?

2.1 The flap can be made stable using one or more coins glued to the inside back of the outer flap. Use a good epoxy resin on the reverse and I like to glue around the edges to stop letters catching on it.

Is it easy to fit a new letterbox?

“Firstly you need to lift up the flap on the inside of the letterbox and remove the two screws, once you’ve done this you need to open the door and remove the letterbox like so, the best way to get your new letterbox is to take your old one into your local hardware store, making sure that the insider measurements are …

Can you fit a letterbox in a composite door?

Yes you can add a letterbox, but you need to just check with the manufacturer first to make sure it won’t void your guarantee.

Why is it important to have a wall mounted letterbox?

Energy efficient: As well as helping keep your home secure, wall mounted letterboxes help reduce heating bills as there will be no hole in the door from which the heat can escape! If you are purchasing a new wall mounted letterbox it is important to consider these three things:

Where is the best place to put a letterbox?

Letterboxes are found in the majority of houses, either in the door or mounted on the wall and it’s important to make sure they are secure. • If you are away for some time then leaflets and newspapers may be pushed through the door and build up. This will let potential burglars know that the house is unoccupied.

What can I put around my letterbox to keep it from falling?

Letterbox Cage: This fits around your letterbox on the internal side of the door and prevents post from falling to the floor as well as preventing burglars arms or tools from sneaking in! Letterbox Homeguard: Similar to the cage, a homeguard is a fire-retardant bag that fits around the letterbox on the interior side of the door.

Which is more secure front door or letterbox?

A shocking 74% of burglaries take place through the front door, so it is vital homeowners do all that they can to prevent their home being an easy target for thieves. Wall mounted letterboxes are more secure than a letter plate on your front door and will help prevent your home being targeted for a number of reasons.