What is a nickname for Ethel?


meaning Noble
starts with E
ends with L
nicknames Etta
variations Ethelyne Ethyl Ethelyna Ethelyn Ethelle Ethella Ethelina Ethelin Ethela

Is Ethel an old name?

Ethel (also æthel) is an Old English word meaning “noble”, today often used as a feminine given name and sometimes as a surname.

Is Ethel a popular name?

Ethel. Despite an Archie comics character (played by Shannon Purser, aka Barb from “Stranger Things,” on the CW’s “Riverdale”) and an “I Love Lucy” BFF, the name Ethel has not endured into the 21st century. The name peaked in popularity in 1896 as the No. In 2017, only 28 baby girls were named Ethel.

What are some dark evil names?

Demon And Evil Names For Boys:

  • Azazel: In Hebrew, the word Azazel means the ‘scapegoat or total removal.
  • Diabolos: Diabolos is a Greek mythological name meaning ‘slanderer or accuser.
  • Abigor: Abigor is one of the few handsome demons.
  • Ravana:
  • Samael:
  • Satan:
  • Seth:
  • Chernobog:

Is Ethel a biblical name?

In Hebrew Baby Names the meaning of the name Ethel is: noble.

What is Ethel short for?

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Ethel is: From Aethelind, the Old English name meaning noble snake. Diminutive of Etheldreda, from the Old English name Aethelthryth, meaning noble and strength. Diminutive of Eldreda from Alfred, meaning old counsel, or sage.

Why do Saxon names start with Aethel?

The Aethel, or Æthel prefix means ‘noble’. This prefix is very common, and is the original prefix of names such as Edward, Edwin and Edgar. The endings of names have meaning, too. Wine means ‘friend’, so Aethelwine translates as ‘noble friend’.

What are the rarest boy names?

Rare Baby Names for Boys

  • Titus.
  • Tobias.
  • Treyton.
  • Wilder.
  • Wren. It is a name from the Middle English period.
  • Zachary. This name is a rare name.
  • Zane. This name has a Hebrew origin, and it means “gift of God”.
  • Zyair. This name has its roots in the African culture.

Are there any other names similar to Ethel?

Ethel fell away from such Old English appellations as Ethelberta, Ethelreda and Ethelinda. Now THOSE, we think we can safely say, are so far out they’ll always be out. These 20 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like Ethel. Short for EthelindaEthelberta, Ethelgoda, Etheldred, Ethelwynn, etc.

What was the first name of Ethel Barrymore?

At the turn of the last century, when Ethel Barrymore was the belle of Broadway, her first name was wildly popular, a Top 10 name for sixteen years and in the Top 100 until 1939. Other well-known bearers have been musical stars Ethel Merman and Ethel Waters and Robert Kennedy’s widow.

Where does the name ethyl groupterm come from?

Ethyl groupterm in chemistry meaning an alkyl substituent derived from ethane. Find your type. Analyze your Baby Name DNA and find the names that match your unique style.

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