What is a patellar tendon bearing cast?

Patellar tendon-bearing (PTB) casts were devised by Sarmiento to immobilize fractures of the tibial shaft and at the same time allow the knee to bend. This type of cast must be applied with care over minimal padding and is applied in segments.

What is patella tendon bearing?

The patella tendon bearing (PTB) cast is usually applied as the last stage of treatment for tibial fractures. The pressure applied to the fracture site as the patient walks stimulates bone growth. The PTB may also be used for rehabilitation of the knee for a patient whose leg has been immobilized by a long leg cast.

When should I apply for PTB cast?

A Sarmiento or patella tendon bearing cast (or PTB) is usually applied as the last stage of treatment for tibia fractures. At 4-6 weeks post injury, the long leg cast is removed and a Sarmiento cast is applied.

What is Sarmiento principle?

This treatment is thought to have originated in the medical school of ancient China, and has been reintroduced by Dehne, Sarmiento and Latta [4, 16]. The principle is that in the closed system of the brace the dislocating forces are transformed into compression forces activated by the muscles.

What is cast wedging?

Cast wedging is a simple and reproducible method of manipulating a sub-optimally reduced fracture producing a correction and a final alignment that is amenable to definitive closed treatment. Multiple successful techniques have been previously described in the literature (opening wedge, closing wedge and combination).

Do you need a sling with a Sarmiento brace?

No. Since our Sarmiento Brace isn’t water safe, we recommend purchasing our Waterproof Arm Sling for showering. Who can wear this brace? Designed for men and women.

What is a cast brace?

A splint, cast, or brace is used to hold the body part in one position Splints, casts, and braces support and protect broken bones, dislocated joints, and injured soft tissues such as tendons and ligaments. What is a cast? A cast is made of fiberglass, plaster, or both.

What is a corrective cast?

In the casting phase (also called the “correction phase”), a baby wears casts that gently move the foot into the correct position. The first cast is put on by an orthopedic surgeon trained in the Ponseti method a week or two after the baby is born.

What is a hanging cast?

The hanging cast as it is popularly called is a heavy plaster cast extending from the axilla to the wrist with the elbow held in flexion and suspended from the neck by a sling.

When do you use a Sarmiento brace?

The splint is intended for the treatment of mid-humerus fractures (diaphyseal) or for deep bruises to your humerus bone. The bicep brace can also protect and support your arm after humerus fracture surgery if you have a displaced spiral fracture of the humerus or multiple fractures, for example.