What is a right return for stairs?

A Right return is a stair tread in which the tread is exposed from the right side and closed on the left. This means that it is ideal for stairs in which the handrail is on the right side.

What can I use for stair treads?

What Wood Is Best for Stair Treads?

  • Oak Stair Treads. Oak is a common type of wood for stair treads.
  • Hickory Stair Treads. Hickory is another common choice for wood stair treads.
  • Maple Stair Treads. Maple’s tan and white hues make it a popular choice for a range of wood products.
  • Poplar Stair Treads.
  • Walnut Stair Treads.

What is a double return stair tread?

A double return stair tread is a stair tread with no wall on either side of the staircase and both sides are exposed when viewed from the front. Double return stair treads have a mitered return attached to both sides of the stair tread.

What is a closed tread staircase?

Also known as closed tread stairs or box stairs, closed riser stairs often have a full timber riser between each tread. In other words, the gap between each step is closed by a small, vertical wall, preventing you from seeing underneath or in between the steps.

What is the difference between a stair tread and a retread?

Retro stair treads are solid stair treads with a slightly different shape and a reduced thickness specifically made to replace a carpeted stair with a new hardwood step of a particular specie or color. The primary advantage of using a Retro replacement tread is the installation.

Can you replace stair treads?

Damage to treads are rare and are normally limited to split or broken nosings. Damaged treads can be repaired or replaced based on how your staircase is constructed. This depends on the type of string you have, either a cut string ora closed string (see staircase glossary inour information hub).

Can I use pine for stair treads?

A softwood, pine is suitable for stair treads in your home. Pine is one of many kinds of wood that is ideal to make up the stair treads in your home. White pine and red pine provide slightly different appearances, but both are readily available at wood stores and share the same benefits.

What are see through stairs called?

What is an Open Riser Staircase? Simply put, an open riser staircase (also called a floating staircase) is one where the spaces between the treads are open, rather than closed. In the past, staircases have traditionally had risers that connect each step. Think of the carpeted staircases of your grandmother’s house.

What do you call the side of a staircase?

The outer string is the side of a staircase where the treads and risers can be seen from the side. Riser. A riser is a vertical board that forms the face of a step. Nosing. Staircase nosing is a horizontal edge of a step often used where the most foot traffic occurs.

What is the side of the stairs called?

The landing of a staircase is either a platform where the direction of the staircase changes or is located at the top of a staircase. The outer string is the side of a staircase where the treads and risers can be seen from the side. A riser is a vertical board that forms the face of a step.

What Wood is best for stairs?

The most common species for wood stair parts in the U.S. is red oak, due to being plentiful and its forgiving nature.

What is a step tread?

Stair treads refer to the horizontal pieces that form the stairs. Think of them as the part you “tread” or step onto as you climb the stairs. The depth, or the distance from the front of the tread to the back, is part of the run calculation in building steps.

What is a stair return?

Return stairs. Also referred to as U return stairs, this type of stair is commonly found in many high-rise buildings, especially those that are older. The return stair actually returns to to the same geographic location of the building at each floor landing. For example, if you enter a stairway with return-type stairs on the 14th floor,…