What is a Tassimo VIVY?

TASSIMO VIVY 2 Coffee Machine is a small coffee pod machine, designed by Bosch. This TASSIMO machine offers you more than just coffee. Use your favourite TASSIMO pods to create any hot drink you like. All TASSIMO T Discs are compatible with the TASSIMO VIVY 2.

Which is better tassimo VIVY or SUNY?

The Bosch TASSIMO SUNY has better user reviews than the TASSIMO VIVY. The average user reviews score for the Bosch TASSIMO SUNY is 89% based on 748 reviews, where as the average score for the TASSIMO VIVY is 88% based on 997 reviews.

What’s the difference between Bosch VIVY and VIVY 2?

There is no difference except in additional colours being added. 1 of 1 found this helpful.

Are all Tassimo machines the same?

All of the TASSIMO coffee makers by Bosch feature Intellibrew technology, which means they can brew a wide variety of hot drinks perfectly every time. They all use the same type of coffee pods, called T DISCs—the only ones that are compatible with these machines.

Why was Tassimo discontinued?

Hi KiloKirk, we’re sorry we’ve discontinued selling Tassimo brewers in Canada, there weren’t enough consumers buying them to support production. So there you have it, Tassimo have pulled the plug in Canada, following poor sales.

Can you use Aldi coffee pods in Tassimo?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a compatible Tassimo pod, you can only buy official T Discs from your supermarket or online. This may come as a surprise for people who have used other brand pod coffee makers and gotten used to buying compatible pods cheap from the likes of Aldi and Lidl.

Can you still buy Tassimo coffee makers?

Current machines Tassimo offers five models of single-cup coffee maker compatible with the “home-use” T-discs. However the T46 and T65 are no longer offered for sale in the US. These models are the T20, T46, T47, T55 and T65. There is also a Tassimo Professional model designed for office and trade use.

Which Tassimo has the largest water tank?

Water tank size – T40 has the biggest water tank whilst T12 has the smallest. Only the Tassimo Charmy T55 has the Britawater Filter and Intensify presets. Sizes – The Vivy 2 (T12) is the smallest out of them all.

Can you still buy Tassimo machines?

Are Tassimo going out of business?

Will Tassimo, Nespresso and other coffee capsule makers go out of business? But given how we are all recycling at home and in the office and the recycling programmes created and promoted by both Nespresso and Tassimo, coffee capsules are not going anywhere, any time soon.

Is Tassimo discontinued in USA?

Current machines Tassimo offers five models of single-cup coffee maker compatible with the “home-use” T-discs. However the T46 and T65 are no longer offered for sale in the US.

What coffee pods are compatible with Bosch Tassimo?


  • Costa Latte T DISCs.
  • Costa Americano T DISCs.
  • Costa Cappuccino T DISCs.
  • Costa Caramel Latte T DISCs.
  • Suchard Hot Chocolate T DISCs.

What’s the difference between Tassimo happy and Vivy?

The look and feel of the machines. The TASSIMO Happy has a modern, playful look, whereas the TASSIMO Vivy has more simple beauty. Now all you have to do is decide which look fits better in your kitchen – we told you it was easy! Biggest difference Happy and Vivy 2:

Which is the best Tassimo coffee machine to buy?

TASSIMO Suny is the only Smart Start machine, starting to run by pushing your mug against the front. TASSIMO Vivy 2 starts working after pressing the button. The 5 led icons tell you the status of the Vivy. Another difference is the size of the water tank. The TASSIMO Suny has a bigger water tank (0,8l) vs. the Vivy 2 (0,7l).

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