What is accredited accommodation?

In short this means that the University identifies buildings that are suitable for student accommodation and donor/sponsor funding (specifically NSFAS) may be utilised to contribute towards the rental payment of accredited accommodation. …

Does UMP offer residence?

UMP prides itself with state-of-the-art residence facilities and services it offers to students. UMP residences offer both single and double-sharing rooms equipped with the appropriate amenities, namely, a single bed, study desk, book shelves, study chair, wardrobe, and study lamp in the rooms.

How do I apply for accommodation at UMP?

University of Mpumalanga (UMP) Residence Application: How to apply for Accommodation

  1. Completed application forms should be submitted by email to: [email protected].
  2. OR.
  3. Post/Courier to: The Registrar.
  4. OR. Private Bag X11283.
  5. OR.
  6. Deliver by hand to:
  7. Front Desk: 013 002 0800.
  8. Enquiries: 013 002 0810.

Does UMP offer tourism management?

UMP – School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Will NSFAS pay for private accommodation in 2021?

No, NSFAS does not pay private accommodation deposits or residence deposits.

How much does NSFAS pay private accommodation?

The maximum amount for private accommodation is R34 400. This does not mean that all qualifying students will receive the maximum amount. The amount payable will be your rental amount as indicated on the lease agreement but not more than R34 400 for the year.

How do I check my UMP status?

Goto the UMP Admission Portal via: https://ienabler.ump.ac.za. Log in with your Application Details, i.e Your username and password or index number.

Is there a university in Mpumalanga?

University of Mpumalanga
Boston City Campus – Witbank
Mpumalanga/Colleges and Universities

Is there psychology at UMP?

The UMP Student Counselling Centre is available to render psychological services to all registered UMP students. The Centre is managed by a Professional Clinical Psychologist registered with HPCSA.

Does UMP accept diploma?

UMP is a comprehensive University and this allows us to offer the full range of qualifications from Higher certificate to Doctoral degree, and from Diploma to Bachelor’s degree.

How much is NSFAS private accommodation?