What is alpha prefix Blue Cross?

The alpha prefix is critical for inquiries regarding the member, including eligibility and benefits, and is necessary for proper claim filing.  Always include the member’s ID number, including the alpha prefix, on any documents pertaining to services to ensure accurate handling by the BCBS Plan.

What is the alpha prefix for BCBS Medicare Advantage?

Membership for this product can be nationwide for employer groups that offer the Blue Cross Medicare Advantage PPO to retirees. These members can be identified by alpha prefix ZZT on their ID Cards. Members will have access to a national Blue Cross Medicare Advantage PPO network of participating providers.

What is the alpha prefix for BCBS of California?

Note: Alpha prefixes XEA through XEZ represent local Blue Shield of California accounts.

Is Blue Cross Blue Shield a PPO or HMO?

What does Blue Cross offer? Blue Cross offers open access PPO plans to employer groups. Blue Plus is a licensed nonprofit HMO. These Blue Plus plans are open access, which means members can select any primary care physician or specialist in the network and do not need a referral.

What types of coverage are provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield quizlet?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield coverage for the following services; hospitalization, diagnostic laboratory services, x-rays, surgical fees, assistant surgeon fees, obstetric care, intensive care, newborn care, and chemotherapy for cancer.

What are account specific alpha prefixes?

Account-specific prefixes are assigned to centrally processed national accounts. National accounts are employer groups that have offices or branches in more than one area, but offer uniform benefits coverage to all of their employees. Account-specific alpha prefixes start with letters other than X, Y, Z, or Q.

What does Blue Cross cover?

Emergency services, hospitalization and preventive care. Laboratory services, prescription drugs and disease management. Mental health care and substance abuse treatment. Rehabilitative services and devices.

What are the prefixes for Blue Cross and blue shield?

Below are not the only known BC/BS/Anthem prefixes, but the only ones we’ve verified by calling their 800 number. (If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try the non-verified list of prefixes.) AFY Illinois [Thanks MaryBeth!] AVO Illinois [Thanks Veda!] DVG Illinois [Thanks Veda!]

Which is the correct prefix for BCBS Alpha 2020?

BCBS Alpha Prefix List (2020) AAA-AZZ. DAA-DZZ. GAA-GZZ. BAA-BZZ. EAA-EZZ. HAA-HZZ. CAA-CZZ. FAA-FZZ. IAA-IZZ. JAA-JZZ. MAA-MZZ. PAA-PZZ. SAA-SZZ. VAA-VZZ. YAA-YZZ. KAA-KZZ. NAA-NZZ. QAA-QZZ. TAA-TZZ. WAA-WZZ. ZAA-ZZZ. LAA-LZZ. OAB-OZZ. RAA-RZZ. UAA-UZZ. XAA-XZZ. Categories Empire BCBS Prefix List Tags bcbs alpha prefix 2020, bcbs alpha prefix

What does the prefix G stand for in BCBS?

The first two alphabets of the prefix denote the plan and the third alphabet prefix denotes the type of product the insured choose for coverage. 2nd Character “G” Plan Specific (letter assigned to the BCBS Plan) 3rd Character “P” PPO Product (letter assigned by the BCBS Plan to identify product type elected by the member)

Which is an example of an alpha prefix?

Alpha Prefix means plan id starts with three alphabets like ABC, XYZ, etc. The first two alphabets of the prefix denote the plan and the third alphabet prefix denotes the type of product the insured choose for coverage. Example: Prefix “ZGP” (Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas – it is a PPO Product) 1st Character “Z” Plan Specific