What is Arthur and the Seeing stone about?

Thirteen-year-old Arthur de Caldicot lives on a manor, desperately waiting for the moment he can become a knight. One day his father’s friend Merlin gives him a shining black stone – a seeing stone – that shows him visions of his namesake, King Arthur.

Which book by Kevin Crossley Holland tells the story of King Arthur in exactly 100 chapters?

The trilogy is a contemporary retelling of Arthurian legend, told by Arthur de Caldicot as a first-person narrative, where both the primary and secondary settings contribute to the retelling….The Seeing Stone.

Front cover of first edition
Author Kevin Crossley-Holland
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Arthur trilogy

Where is the seeing stone?

Material(s) A seeing stone was located at the ancient ruins of a temple on the planet Tython. The stone was dome-shaped, with runes written around the bottom.

How many pages are in the Seeing stone?

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ISBN-13: 9780545232081
Series: The Arthur Trilogy , #1
Sold by: Scholastic, Inc.
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368

Who is the author of The Seeing Stone?

Kevin Crossley-Holland
The Seeing Stone/Authors

Is Arthur and the Invisibles Disney?

Arthur and the Invisibles Movie Streaming Online Watch on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Is the seeing stone in mandalorian a real place?

The ruined Jedi Temple on Tython from Chapter 14: The Tragedy appears as a megalithic stone circle embedded in a landscape resembling the Texas Canyon near Willcox (Arizona) or the Alabama Hills in Sierra Nevada (California). However, this was the very first time that The Mandalorian was filmed on location.

What was Grogu doing on the Seeing Stone?

Ahsoka told Mando to place Grogu on the seeing stone in the ruins of an old Jedi Temple there, and Mando does just that. After a little while, Grogu begins using the stone to project a massive force field, which Mando cannot penetrate, directly into the air.

How old is Princess Selenia in human years?


Princess Selenia
Selenia, Princess of the Minimoys
Race Minimoy
Gender Female
Age 1000 Minimoy Years (in 1st movie) 10 Human Years

Are there two versions of Arthur and the Invisibles?

International Theatrical Cut (104 min.) US Theatrical Cut (94 min.) UK Theatrical Cut (91 min.)

Where is mandalorian Tatooine filmed?

Death Valley National Park
However, the set designers take inspiration from many real-world locations. For instance, our research has revealed that the exterior desert landscapes were filmed in Death Valley National Park.

Who is the author of the Seeing Stone?

The Seeing Stone, or Arthur: The Seeing Stone, is a historical novel for children or young adults, written by Kevin Crossley-Holland and published by Orion in 2000, the first book of the Arthur trilogy (2000 to 2003).

How old is Arthur in the Seeing Stone?

More lists with this book… A captivating and imaginative story that weaves the life of a 13 year old boy in England, near the Welsh border in 1199 and 1200. Arthur of Caldicot, son of Sir John and brother of Serle and Sian,longs to be a squire and is given an obsidian stone by the mysterious friend of his father Merlin.

What happens to Arthur de Caldicot in the Seeing Stone?

When Arthur starts to see stories in the stone, his life quickly becomes entwined with that of his name The year is 1199, the place the Welsh Marches. Young Arthur de Caldicot practises his tilting and archery, learns to be a dutiful page to his father, and waits impatiently to grow up and become a knight.

Where does the story The Seeing Stone take place?

Set primarily in the March of Wales during A.D. 1199 and 1200, it features a young boy named Arthur de Caldicot who observes a secondary story in the “Seeing Stone”, the early life of legendary King Arthur. Crossley-Holland and The Seeing Stone won the annual Guardian Prize and Tir na n-Og Award.