What is BakuNano?

BakuNano (Japanese version: NanoPack (ナノパック, Nanopakku?) are a new game component added in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. In the anime, they are considered more advanced versions of Battle Gear, however that is not the case in the Japanese version of the anime and the physical game.

How many different bakugans are there?

Physical Game There are nine types of Bakugan: BakuCore, Super Assault, Special Attack (which include Special Treatment), Trap, Battle Gear, Mobile Assault, BakuNano, and Mechtogan.

What is the red Bakugan called?

Bakugan Bakutin Pyrus
Bakugan Bakutin Pyrus (Red) – Includes 2 Exclusive Flip Attribute.

What are Mechtogan?

The Mechtogan (メクトガン, Mekutogan?) are creatures that appear in Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge. They are supported by Mechtogan Activators. As their name suggests, they are bio-mechanical creatures. It is also shown that normal attacks usually do not work on Mechtogan due to their special shield in the anime.

Are bakugans worth anything?

There are hundreds of different types of Bakugan. Most of them are worth a dollar or two, but a few popular pieces can fetch $20 to $50, or even $100 or more. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide to identify your most valuable Bakugan, along with important tips to get the best possible price for your collection.

How old is Pyrus?

Pyrus species have long been cultivated as fruit trees, probably for as long as 3,000 years (Bell 1990). Pyrus calleryana Dcne. (Figure 1) is native to eastern and southern China (Shen 1980) and Taiwan (Iketani and Ohashi 1993, Rehder 1915).

How do you use Mechtogan?

In order to play the Mechtogan, it must share an Attribute with your battling Bakugan. Open your Mechtogan with a Mechtogan Activator to reveal its G-Power. You can also attach any BakuNano from your Unused pile to increase your Mechtogan’s G-Power.

Can you put Baku-gear on any Bakugan?

Baku-Gear can be obtained through Bakugan Ultra + Baku-Gear or Baku-Gear Packs, but they are only cosmetic and cannot be used in the card game. All Bakugan from season 2 can equip the peg attachments, but only Ultras can equip the main piece.

Which Bakugan can connect Battle Gear?

Helios MK2 is the first non-Gundalian Invaders Bakugan that can connect with Bakugan Battle Gear and the only one who does not appear in the aforementioned season. He is the only Bakugan to change ball form, even slightly, without going through an evolution.

What are Bakugan cards?

Bakugan Cards. The bakugan game is played with two types of cards. There are gate cards which are the thick ones that the bakugan pop open on and there are the ability cards which are the thinner regular cards that are played during the game to affect gameplay.

What is Bakugan all about?

A Bakugan is a creatures from the fictional world of Bakugan Battle Brawlers – which is a Japanese-Canadian action adventure series which focuses on the creatures and the battle brawlers who possess them.

What is a Bakugan toy?

Bakugan as a physical toy was first envisioned by American inventor Aldric Saucier, and was picked up by Spin Master and Sega Toys. The first idea for Bakugan was created when Aldric Saucier, an American inventor, was walking through the toy aisle at Wal-Mart.