What is Bently Nevada system 1?

System 1 represents the Bently Nevada flagship condition monitoring solution, which seamlessly integrates with our industry leading products including online and portable devices. We offer flexible packages ranging from portable to comprehensive plant-wide condition monitoring.

What is system 1 vibration monitoring?

System 1 enables plant-wide condition monitoring of all your assets from anywhere and keeps maintenance issues to a minimum.

Who owns Bently Nevada?

General Electric
Bently Nevada/Parent organizations

Bently Nevada was privately held until 2002 when it was acquired by General Electric and became part of GE Oil and Gas. In 2017 GE purchased Baker Hughes and merged this with the GE Oil and Gas division to form Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE). GE retained a 62.5% share of the merged company.

What is condition monitoring software?

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance software is deployed in predicting equipment maintenance needs. It monitors corrosion, oil condition, bearing wear, overheating, and other settings leading to potential breakdown. The goal of condition monitoring is to identify components for repair before they fail.

How does Bently Nevada proximity sensor work?

Principle: Proximity transducers use Eddy Current principle to measure the distance between the probe Tip and the surface to be observed. When a conductive surface approaches the probe tip, the RF signal sets up small eddy currents on the surface. These eddy currents creates a measurable power loss in the RF signal.

What is Orbit vibration?

Orbits plots, or Lissajous patterns if you are a fan of electrical engineering terminology, are generated by plotting the scaled vibration signals from two vibration probes mounted at the same axial position on a rotating machine.

Does Baker Hughes own Bently Nevada?

MINDEN, NEVADA— OCTOBER 9, 2018— Bently Nevada* (“Bently”), a business of Baker Hughes, GE company (NYSE: BHGE), is celebrating over 60 years of innovation this month and is announcing today a continued investment in research & development funding over the next three years.

What are the monitoring conditions?

Condition monitoring (CM) is the process of monitoring a particular condition in machinery (such as vibration, temperature, etc) to identify changes that could indicate a developing fault.

What are the types of condition monitoring?

Among the types of condition monitoring, there are four major types that, when used together, can build a surprisingly complete picture of a machine’s health:

  • Vibration analysis and diagnostics.
  • Lubricant analysis.
  • Acoustic emission.
  • Infrared thermology.

What is the working principle of proximity sensor?

Inductive proximity sensors operate under the electrical principle of magnetism when a fluctuating current induces the voltage in a target object. The inductive proximity sensor contains a certain type of solid-state control system. It contains an oscillator circuit that generates a high-frequency magnetic field.

What is the principle of vibration sensor?

Vibration sensor detects the vibration parameter of objects through its mechanical structure, and converting the vibration parameter into the electrical signal by physical effect to achieve transferring the non-electrical signal to electrical signal. …

How does Bently Nevada System 1 condition monitoring work?

Our portfolio of vibration and condition monitoring sensors detect measure, calibrate and analyze your critical equipment in virtually every way to prevent costly outages. Bently Nevada’s System 1 condition monitoring software supports mission-critical machinery such as gas, hydro and steam turbines, generators, compressors, and so much more.

What do you need to know about Bently Nevada?

If you’re in need of a SaaS solution Bently Nevada also offers a machine health monitoring service, Bently HOST, that give you access to all the benefits of System 1 in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Implementation services – One source to design, plan, manage, and execute the installation.

What are the features of Bently system 1?

Powered by and built on the foundational and superior intelligence and diagnostics of our original Bently Nevada software, System 1 boasts many revolutionary features, including an intuitive interface for users to establish, manage and improve their plant-wide condition monitoring programs.

Why is Bently Nevada important to the LNG industry?

Since the industry was formed in the early 1960s, Bently Nevada has been chosen nine out of ten times by the world’s LNG producers to help them protect and proactively manage all critical machinery.