What is DECA dancing?

Deca Dance showcases a choreographic style that is founded on fluidity, especially in spinal movements. As well as working closely with Graham, Naharin had created works for his own New York-based ensemble and for other companies, including Jiri Kylian’s prestigious Nederlands Dans Theater.

When was Deca Dance performed?

Created for the first time in 2000, this program celebrated Ohad Naharin’s ten years of creation within the company by offering a striking collage of excerpts from his repertoire.

What is Ohad Naharin known for?

An Israeli choreographer known for his incisive style, Ohad Naharin has transformed the landscape of contemporary dance in Israel, turning preconceived ideas about dance upside down. Born in 1952 on Kibbutz Mizra, Ohad Naharin began his dance training with the Batsheva Dance Company in 1974.

How old is Ohad Naharin?

69 years (June 22, 1952)
Ohad Naharin/Age

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How does Deca-Dence end?

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Which of the following dance styles can be traced back to the early 17th century when dancers performed interludes between scenes of an opera?

Fine Arts

Question Answer
Which theater or era rediscovered classical; flat ground not hillside; forced perspective; indoor theaters Italian Renaissance
The origins of __________________ are usually traced to the early 17th century, when dancers performed interludes between scenes of an opera? ballet

What is Ohad Naharin doing now?

In the decade since she departed — she left to start a family and get a degree in dance education — she has regularly restaged Mr. Naharin’s work and teaches his popular movement method, known as Gaga. She understands the legacy she’s inheriting.

What is Gaga technique?

Developed by Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin, Gaga is a movement language intended to help practitioners raise physical awareness by focusing on (or in Gaga terms, “listening” to) the rhythm of their bodies, letting them direct their movement and the pleasure that movement brings.

Is Deca-Dence fake?

Is Natsume real Deca-Dence?

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When was Ohad Naharin’s Deca Dance first performed?

As the Batsheva Dance Company embarks on an extensive North American tour and takes Ohad Naharin’s Deca Dance on the road, it seems like the right moment to re-post my writing on the work. I first published this article as “A Cycle Completed: Deca Dance in Israel” on The Winger on July 11, 2008.

Why did Ohad Naharin bring DECA to Israel?

You see, Deca Dance is the piece that drew me here to Israel. I wrote my Fulbright grant proposal having only seen the Batsheva Dance Company perform an earlier incarnation of this work (albeit 3 times). I hadn’t seen any of Naharin’s other dances, nor had I seen any other Israeli companies.

How many excerpts are in Decadance by Naharin?

“Decadance,” which consists of 16 excerpts from Mr. Naharin’s works of the last 21 years, shows his consistent fascination with ritual, group activities and the way individuality bursts forth. (His own company has performed “Decadance” in changing configurations since 2000.)

What is the history of Deca Dance in Israel?

As I place Deca Dance within the context of Naharin’s repertory, Batsheva’s history, and the larger frame of Israeli contemporary dance, I realize how much I have gained from my research.