What is feh command in Linux?

feh is a lightweight image viewer aimed mainly at users of command line interfaces. Unlike most graphical image viewers, feh does not have any graphical control elements, apart from an optional file name display which enables it to also be used to display background images on systems running the X window system.

How use feh in Linux?

So, how do you use Feh? Â There are 2 ways to do so: open a terminal in a folder that contains images, type “feh” and hit enter. The image viewer should open and display the first image of that folder. You can also right-click on images in the Files app (or other file managers) and select open with Feh.

How do I view an image in feh?

Using ‘feh’ from the Shell

  1. -Z: Zoom pictures to the screensize in full-screen mode.
  2. -x: Use a borderless window.
  3. -d: Overlay the filename at the top-left edge of the image.
  4. –edit: Allows for rotating/mirroring the image using the <, >, | and _ keys.
  5. -F: Displays the window in fullscreen mode.

How install feh Linux?

Feh: The Image Viewer For Your Terminal

  1. sudo pacman -S feh.
  2. sudo apt-get install feh.
  3. pkg install feh.

How do you zoom in Feh?

feh Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. mouse wheel up → previous image.
  2. mouse wheel down → next image.
  3. ← → previous image.
  4. → → next image.
  5. Backspace ⌫ → previous image.
  6. Space → next image.
  7. ↑ → zoom-in.
  8. ↓ → zoom-out.

How does Feh set background?

To change the background image, edit the file ~/. fehbg which gets created after running the command feh –bg-scale /path/to/image. file mentioned above.

What does Feh mean in English?

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How do I uninstall Feh?

menu within the game, select Account Management. ❷ Select Delete All Data. After deleting all your data, delete the application.

How do you zoom out in Feh?

How do I change my desktop background in Arch Linux?

Simply right-click on your desktop screen, then choose the “change background” option. The screen will lead you to the background settings. Just choose whichever background attracts your attention or feels pleasant to your eyes. This way, you can set the background for the home screen and lock screen of your system.

What does feeling meh mean?

‘Meh’, defined as “expressing a lack of interest or enthusiasm”, describes perfectly the state of limbo between not being sad but not being happy either.

Is Meh a Yiddish?

“Meh” sounds Yiddish to some, because of its similarity to the disapproving Yiddish interjection “feh.” A Google search turns up a song from a 1936 Yiddish film with a line that (translated) says, “A goat stands in the meadow, and bleats a sad ‘meh!’ “

Which is an example of a FeH command?

feh can be used to set the desktop wallpaper, for example for window managers without this feature such as Openbox, Fluxbox, and xmonad. The following command is an example of how to set the initial background: $ feh –bg-scale /path/to/image.file Other scaling options include:

What do you need to know about FeH?

feh is a mode-based image viewer. It is especially aimed at command line users who need a fast image viewer without huge GUI dependencies, though it can also be started by (graphical) file managers to view an image. feh supports filelists, various image sorting modes, image captions, HTTP and more.

What’s the default mode for FeH in Linux?

However, if you compile feh with exif=1, you can also display it directly. feh is based on various modes, which are selected at startup by command line options. Slideshow mode is the default. It opens one window and displays the first image in it, the keyboard and mouse can be used to change slides (images).

How does FeH show list of image files?

Outputs an ‘ls’-style listing of the files in the filelist, including image info such as size, pixels, type, etc. Customlist mode will display whatever image info you want, in the format you choose. feh can also list either all the loadable files in a filelist or all the unloadable files.