What is gameday operations?

The work of gameday operations focuses on ensuring that games go ahead according to plan and that the athletes and fans have everything they need. You’ll need to know about the importance of communication and how gameday operations communicate effectively with the fans and each other.

How much do game day coordinators make?

Game Day Coordinator Pay According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, the median salary among all game day coordinators in the United States is $49,370 annually. The mean is $53,730. At the top end, coordinators who move into senior positions, often in management, make upwards of $150,000 annually.

What does a game day manager do?

Coordinate and confirm gameday staff for each game (game day operations support, video production team, PA announcer, DJ, statistician, photographers, etc.) Produce gameday outlines and PA scripts for each of 6-7 home games. Manage between-quarter entertainment and other youth attractions during games.

What does a sports operations manager do?

Some of the key responsibilities of operations managers at the league level include: policy/rule development and implementation, facility interaction and care in regards to league operations, training and development of staff, minimal work with department finances, scheduling, statistics, eligibility, communications.

What is game coordinator?

Game Coordinators do have the authority to attempt to deescalate situations and conflict that may occur during a game. This could include; brief stoppages of play, issuing warnings to specific players, issuing warnings to specific teams, removal of players from the game and the facility or ending the game if required.

What does a coordinator do in a sports event?

As the person behind the scenes, the sports event coordinator will be responsible for making sure all aspects of technology are taken care of in a professional way, including digital management of data across the whole event timeline, from planning and proposal, throughout events to feedback and evaluation.

Who reports to operations Manager?

Operations Managers usually report to the leadership and executive teams. If they work in a larger company, they’ll often report to the Chief Operating Officer.