What is GSA card?

The GSA SmartPay Program is the largest government charge card and commercial payment solutions program in the world. GSA SmartPay payment solutions enable authorized government employees to make purchases on behalf of the Federal Government in support of their agency/organization’s mission.

How do you get a GSA check?

To verify if a GSA employee/contractor employee is briefed into SCI, a request should be sent via email to the Special Security Programs (SSP) at [email protected] mailbox or by phone at (202) 219-0338.

What are the three types of travel accounts GSA?

What types of travel accounts are there in the GSA SmartPay program? There are three types of travel accounts: Centrally Billed (CBA), Individually Billed (IBA), and Tax Advantage Accounts. These accounts are often identified by their physical appearance as well as account numbers.

Can civilians order from GSA?

GSA Advantage! ® is the online shopping and ordering system that provides access to thousands of contractors and millions of supplies (products) and services. Anyone may browse on GSA Advantage!

How do I start a GSA card?

How to use the GSA Fleet card for maintenance. Merchants can either electronically accept the WEX Fleet card or call in the transactions to 866-WEX-4GSA (866-939-4472) to receive a MasterCard number. Merchants must contact GSA Fleet for authorization prior to doing the work at 866-400-0411.

What is GSA on a background check?

What is included in a GSA/OIG background check? Completing a GSA/OIG background check is the first line of defense for any health care provider that receives federal funds. The Government Services Administration (GSA) is responsible for broader oversight into federal contracts.

How long does a GSA background check take?

How long does it take to obtain a GSA Access Card? After the completion of a preliminary background check and the Access Card enrollment process, it takes an average of two weeks for the employee or contractor to be issued their GSA Access Card for activation.

What is GSA used for?

GSA – The federal government’s procurement expert – helps other federal agencies get the products, services, and consulting advice they need from federal and commercial sources. GSA provides and contracts for billions of dollars’ worth of products and services for federal agencies.

Who can purchase from GSA Advantage?

Who can order from GSA Advantage

  • Federal agencies.
  • Executive departments.
  • 100% government owned corporations.
  • Independent establishments in the executive branch of the government.
  • Other federal agencies, not included above.
  • Other federal agencies that are not in the executive branch of the government.

How do I use my GSA card?

How do I use my GSA access card?

GSA personnel use the GSA Access Card to access federal buildings. If the building has a Physical Access Control System (PACS), the cardholder may be required to have their GSA Access Card electronically scanned and enter their card Personal Identification Number (PIN) to gain access to the building.

When do I need to return my GSA access card?

PIV cards are also known as ‘GSA Access Cards.’ GSA Access Cards must be promptly returned when they are no longer needed. The prompt return of GSA Access Cards when they are no longer needed is essential to maintaining GSA building security and access to IT resources.

Can a temporary badge be used as a GSA access card?

A short-term card such as Temporary Badge are no longer being used, employoees and contractors waiting to receive their GSA Access Card must follow local visitor access policies to access GSA facilities. What are the investigation requirements to obtain a GSA Access Card?

Where can I order a replacement GSA card?

You can order replacement cards online by logging into the GSA Fleet Drive-thru website. After logging in, select “Fleet Card Replacement Ordering” from the main menu page under the “Vehicle Fleet Data” section. Verify that the default shipping address is correct.