What is hot on Netflix?

The best shows to binge-watch on Netflix right now

  • Squid Game (2021) new. 100% 76%
  • Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer (2021) 73% 72%
  • Fate: The Winx Saga (2021) 37% 6.9/10.
  • Midnight Mass (2021) new. 93% 74%
  • Surviving Death (2021) 80%
  • Stranger Things (2016) 93%
  • Disenchantment (2018) 65%
  • Sex Education (2019) new. 81%

Is Zeus on Amazon Prime?

Watch Zeus | Prime Video.

What is TV’s number one show?

Top TV shows by total viewer numbers in the U.S. 2020-2021 The most watched TV show in the United States in the 2020-2021 season was NFL Sunday Night Football, with nearly nearly 17 million viewers, followed by NFL Thursday Night Football, with around 13.4 million viewers.

What is the number one show on Zeus?

1. One Mo’ Chance (2020–2021)

Is Zeus a TV channel?

THE ZEUS NETWORK is a leading digital video-on-demand entertainment network based in Burbank, California, streaming original premium subscription video programming generated by the most popular Social Media Influencers in the world.

Are there any good shows to watch on Netflix?

Here’s some good news: there’s no shortage of great entertainment on Netflix to stream from the couch. If watching television shows helps you relax and destress, look no further than our list of the very best shows you can watch on Netflix right now.

Which is the most popular series on Netflix?

Find out where the most popular shows on Netflix rank, including the latest titles to claim a spot alongside popular titles like Bridgerton, The Queen’s Gambit, Dark, Ozark, The Witcher, Stranger Things, Black Mirror, You, and Dash & Lily. With the surprise release of a third season of Master of None, the series falls from the list’s top spot.

What are the best shows to binge watch on Netflix?

The best shows to binge-watch on Netflix right now. 1 Sweet Tooth. This adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s comic book series of the same name is a dark fantasy set in a world where a terrible virus is quickly 2 Kim’s Convenience. 3 Outlander. 4 Dawson’s Creek. 5 Waffles + Mochi.

How are series on Netflix chosen to be saved?

Ties were decided by the number of reviews on each title, and then by the “average rating” (under each season’s “See Score Details”) where the number of reviews were the same. Additionally, series that were saved by the streaming service but did not originate on Netflix are included if the series meets the existing criteria.