What is MTHFR C677T heterozygous mutation?

When a person has two copies of the MTHFR C677T gene mutation (homozygous) or one copy of MTHFR C677T and one copy of A1298C (compound heterozygous), decreased MTHFR enzyme activity slows down the homocysteine-to-methionine conversion process and can lead to a buildup of homocysteine in the blood.

What is MTHFR A1298C mutation?

There are two common MTHFR mutations, known as C677T and A1298C. The term MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. MTHFR is an enzyme that breaks down the amino acids’ homocysteine and folate. Homocysteine is an amino acid that works to maintain the body’s cells.

What is MTHFR mutation symptoms?

Symptoms of a MTHFR mutation

  • cardiovascular and thromboembolic diseases (specifically blood clots, stroke, embolism, and heart attacks)
  • depression.
  • anxiety.
  • bipolar disorder.
  • schizophrenia.
  • colon cancer.
  • acute leukemia.
  • chronic pain and fatigue.

Is MTHFR passed from mother or father?

Everyone has two MTHFR genes, one inherited from your mother and one from your father. Mutations can occur in one or both MTHFR genes.

What do you do if you have MTHFR mutation?

Natural treatments for MTHFR mutation symptoms

  1. Consume more folate and vitamin B12. Consuming more folate in your diet may aid with methylation.
  2. Support detoxification.
  3. Minimize alcohol intake.
  4. Manage your stress with lifestyle changes.
  5. Check your supplements.
  6. Heal any underlying digestive issues.

Does MTHFR make it hard to get pregnant?

Having the MTHFR gene mutation is common and while it is linked to fertility issues, including miscarriage, the good news is you can address this gene with diet, lifestyle and supplementation. MTHFR may cause folate deficiency and elevated homocysteine, neither are good for pregnancy.

How is MTHFR treated?

Treatment of MTHFR deficiency involves taking betaine, folinic acid, Vitamins B6 and B12, methionine, and methyltetrahydrofolate supplements. If MTHFR deficiency is diagnosed early and betaine treatment is started right away, affected infants have a much better developmental outcome.

Can you have a healthy baby with MTHFR?

While women can get pregnant with an MTHFR gene mutation, they may have an increased risk of complications during pregnancy, including preeclampsia, congenital birth defects, and polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD).

What should I eat if I have MTHFR mutation?

Diet Considerations for Those with MTHFR

  • Anti-inflammatory Diet.
  • Avoid Processed Foods.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Dairy-free.
  • Consume Ample Amounts of Leafy Greens.
  • Eat Clean Food.
  • Grass-fed & Pasture-raised Animal Products.
  • Eat the rainbow.

Can MTHFR cause brain fog?

An MTHFR defect can also impair the body’s ability to synthesize important brain neurotransmitters, so that brain-based disorders may arise. An MTHFR defect has been linked to depression, anxiety, brain fog, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and even schizophrenia.

Does MTHFR cause vitamin D deficiency?

Women with MTHFR 677TT (homozygous mutation, TT) genotype have significantly lower vitamin D levels, higher homocysteine and natural killer (NK) cell cytotoxicities than those of women with MTHFR 677CC (wild type, CC) and 677CT (heterozygous mutation, CT) genotypes.

Where does the C677T polymorphism in MTHFR occur?

The mutation of the MTHFR gene which causes the C677T polymorphism is located at exon 4 which results in the conversion of valine to alanine at codon 222, a common polymorphism that reduces the activity of this enzyme.

How many people have two copies of the MTHFR gene?

There are two MTHFR gene variants, called C677T and A1298C, that have been an active area of study. These variants are common. In America, about 25% of people who are Hispanic, and 10-15% of people who are Caucasian have two copies of C677T.

What does compound heterozygous mean in MTHFR mutation?

There is also compound heterozygous, which is when you have one mutant allele on both the 677 and 1298 base position. Summary: In genetics, hetero- and homo- refers to the two alleles (letters) on the gene. A heterozygous mutation means one copy of the mutation, homozygous means two copies. List of Common MTHFR Mutation Variations

What’s the difference between homocysteine and C677T?

Research shows that regardless of how much folate you consume, homozygous C677T (T677T) subjects always have significantly lower folate levels than heterozygous C677T. Subsequently, they also have remarkably higher homocysteine concentrations than everyone else; most pronounced when folate intake is low ( 9 ).