What is Notre Dame football graduation rate?

Notre Dame graduated 91% of its football players, Alabama 88% and Clemson 83%. Ohio State graduated just 69% of its football players. Among Black football players, Alabama graduated 84%, Notre Dame 82% and Clemson 77%.

What college football program has the highest graduation rate?

For the fourth consecutive year, Northwestern football earned the highest Graduation Success Rate among all FBS programs, posting a 97% mark for the current cohortThe Wildcats have ranked first or second in the country for GSR among FBS football programs for 10 straight years.

What is the graduation rate for Alabama football?

Ohio State graduated just 69% of its football players. Among Black football players, Alabama graduated 84%, Notre Dame 82% and Clemson 77%. Ohio State graduated 60% of its Black players. Alabama and Clemson graduated 100% of their white football players, Notre Dame 96% and Ohio State 90%.

What does graduation success rate mean?

The Federal Graduation Rate, Graduation Success Rate (GSR) and Academic Success Rate (ASR) all measure the graduation success of students at NCAA member institutions in a relatively similar fashion. For example, if 100 students entered and 60 graduated within six years, the rate is 60 percent.

What is the graduation rate for Clemson football players?

75 percent
CLEMSON, SC – According to data released by the NCAA, Clemson’s football program has a graduation success rate of 75 percent, seventh best nationally among the top 25 teams in the latest USA Today poll, and 16th best in the nation among all FBS schools.

What percentage of black football players graduate from college?

The overall GSR for bowl-bound teams this year was 78.0%, down from 79.1% in 2019. The average GSR for Black football student-athletes declined slightly, from 73.8% in 2019 to 73.4% in 2020, and the gap between the graduation rates for white and Black student-athletes increased, from 15.6% to 16.3%, over the same span.

What is the graduation rate of Division 1 football players?

More Division I student-athletes than ever are earning their degrees, according to new Graduation Success Rate data released today. The most recent rate is 88 percent, a record high and an increase of 1 percentage point from 2017 numbers.

What is the average GPA of the Alabama football team?

On a department-wide basis, Alabama’s more than 600 student-athletes averaged over a 3.5 grade point average during 2019-20. All 17 programs earned better than a 2.9 GPA with 16 earning better than a 3.0.

How is GSR calculated?

The student-athlete graduation rate calculated directly based on IPEDS-GRS (which is the methodology the U.S. Department of Education requires) is the proportion of first-year, full-time student-athletes who entered a school on athletics aid and graduated from that institution within six years.

What percentage of college football players are black?

Black students constitute nearly 60 percent of the rosters of football and basketball teams, and just 11 percent of the rosters of all other sports. Similar racial dynamics are apparent among coaches.