What is NSC interest rate?

As per the ministry circular, PPF will continue to earn 7.10%, the NSC will fetch 6.8%, and Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Account will earn 6.6%. Here is a look at the interest rates on various small savings schemes for the second quarter of FY 2021-22. Interest rates on post office savings schemes. Instrument.

How can I check my NSC interest?

So, the interest is to be calculated for the first period, add it to the total and then calculate the interest for the next period. Let me explain with an example. If you invest Rs 1,0000 in NSC, your interest is Rs 810 (10000 x 8.1%). However, your principal amount for a second year is Rs 10,810 (Rs 10,000 + 810).

What is NSC interest rate 2015?

Interest Rate on National Savings Schemes

2011-2012 (w.e.f 01/12/2011) 2015-2016
5 Year Recurring Deposit 8.0 8.4
Monthly Income Account 8.2 8.4
Senior Citizens Savings Scheme 9.0 9.3
National Savings Certificate VIII Issue 8.4 8.5

Which is best NSC or PPF?

As far as the interest is concerned, PPF interest is tax-free, whereas, NSC interest is taxable and will be added to your taxable income. However, the interest in NSC is also eligible for deduction under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. It is better to pay tax on the accrued interest annually rather than on maturity.

What is the best investment for 5 years?

Best Investment Plans for 5 years

  • Liquid Funds. Also known as money market fund, these are a type of mutual fund scheme, which invests the money in short-term government securities and certificates.
  • Savings Account.
  • Post-Office Time Deposits.
  • Large Cap Mutual Fund.
  • Stock market/ Derivatives.

What happens if NSC is not withdrawn?

Maturity: If the NSC maturity proceeds are not withdrawn by an account holder, the scheme becomes available for post office savings scheme interest for 2 years. Nomination facility is available under this scheme. Online facility is not available. Investors can avail of NSC loans as collateral.

Can I break my NSC?

Though the National Savings Certificate scheme has a lock-in period of 5 years, premature withdrawal is possible under the following circumstances: If the NSC holder or holders (in case of joint holders) pass away. If any order is given by the court of law.

What is the interest rate on NSC certificate?

Where a certificate has been purchased on or after the 1st day of March, 2003, the amount inclusive of interest, payable on encashment of the certificate at any time after the expiry of its maturity period shall be Rs. 160.10 for denomination of Rs. 100 and at proportionate rate for any other denomination.

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