What is ratoon stunting of sugarcane?

SUGARCANE :: MAJOR DISEASE :: RATOON STUNTING Orange-red vascular bundles in shades of yellow at the nodes are seen in the infected canes. The pathogen (Clavibacter xyli sub sp. xyli) is a RLO known to be present in the xylem cells of infected plants.

What is ratoon stunting?

Ratoon stunting disease (RSD) is one of major sugarcane diseases in Indonesia. The causal agent of the disease is Leifsonia xyli subsp xyli. The pathogen systemically infects xylem vessel. Providing healthy seed cane is the most important management of the disease.

What prevents cane formation in sugarcane?

Sugarcane grassy shoot disease
Typical symptoms of Sugarcane Grassy Shoot (SCGS) disease
Common names SCGS, Sugarcane grassy shoot disease; GSD, Grassy Shoot disease
Causal agents ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma sacchari’
Hosts Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.)

What causes red rot of sugarcane?

Red rot disease is caused by the fungus Glomerella tucumanensis.

What is pineapple disease in sugarcane?

Pineapple sett rot is the main disease that affects sugarcane plant emergence but it can be controlled by treating setts with a registered fungicide and taking these preventative measures: • Plant when the soil temperature is at 18°C or above. • Use two or three eye setts to reduce damage to the setts.

What are the diseases of sugarcane?

Sugarcane: Diseases and Symptoms

  • Red rot.
  • Wilt.
  • Grassy shoot.
  • Smut.
  • Leaf scald disease.
  • Red striped disease.
  • Mosaic disease.
  • Pokkahboeng.

Which one is the disease of sugarcane crop?

Fungal diseases
Pokkah boeng (that may have knife cut symptoms) Gibberella fujikuroi Fusarium moniliforme [anamorph] Gibberella subglutinans
Red leaf spot (purple spot) Dimeriella sacchari
Red rot Glomerella tucumanensis = Physalospora tucumanensis Colletotrichum falcatum [anamorph]

What type of disease is red rot of sugarcane?

Red rot is the most common disease of sugarcane, caused by the fungus Colletotrichum falcatum Went. It causes severe loss in yield and quality of the susceptible cultivars in the Indian sub- continent [9,10].

What are the diseases of pineapple?

Pineapple: Diseases and Symptoms

  • Phytophthora heart (top) rot.
  • Phytophthora root rot.
  • Base (butt) rot.
  • Fruitlet core rot (green eye)
  • Fusariosis.
  • Green fruit rot.
  • Inter fruitlet corking.
  • Leathery pocket.

What is the symptoms of red rot of sugarcane?

Red rot

  • The spindle leaves (3rd & 14th)) display drying. At a later stage, stalks become discoloured and hollow.
  • Acervuli (black fruiting bodies) develop on rind and nodes. After splitting open the diseased stalk, a sour smell emanates.
  • The internal tissues are reddened with intermingled transverse white spots.

How do you know if sugarcane is bad?

Red Rot: This fungal sugarcane disease, which shows up in midsummer, is indicated by withering, red areas marked with white patches, and an alcohol smell. Dig and destroy individual plants, but if the entire planting is affected, destroy them all and don’t replant sugarcane in the area for three years.