What is SilverFin about?

Something that must be kept secret… It’s James Bond’s first day at Eton, and he’s already met his first enemy. This is the start of an adventure that will take him from the school playing fields to the remote shores of Loch Silverfin and a terrifying discovery that threatens to unleash a new breed of warfare.

What genre of book is SilverFin?

Spy fiction

What happens in the book SilverFin?

Plot summary. SilverFin is broken up into three parts in addition to a prologue. In the prologue, an unnamed school boy is attacked by eels, attracted to a bleeding fishhook cut, while fishing in Loch Silverfin. Then from nowhere a mysterious eel-like man runs and jumps into the loch and tries to save him.

When was SilverFin published?

March 3, 2005
SilverFin/Originally published

What is silver fin?

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Who was the youngest to play James Bond?

George Lazenby: 1969 Age 29, he was the youngest actor to play the character.

What should I read if I like Alex Rider?

If You Like Alex Rider…

  • Traitor Series by Andy McNab.
  • Spartan Series by Michael Ford.
  • Sure Fire by Jack Higgins.
  • Ranger’s Apprentice Series by John Flanagan.
  • The Door of No Return by Sarah Mussi.
  • Maximum Ride Series by James Patterson.
  • Thieves Like Us by Stephen Cole.
  • Streams of Babel by Carol Plum-Ucci.

Is SAP cloud-based?

SAP has three strong ERP cloud solutions. These are subscription-as-a-service, cloud-based ERP software solutions that run businesses. Whether your business industry is manufacturing, distribution or professional services – these solutions include modules to manage your business data.

Why is cloud accounting Safe?

Cloud applications use encrypted connections when transferring data. This means that the data is encrypted before it’s sent from your device to the remote server and then again when it returns. This means that it can’t be intercepted and read by a third party. So, in our opinion – yes, cloud accounting is safe.

Who was James Bond immediately before Daniel Craig?

Portrayal of James Bond in film

James Bond
Portrayed by Sean Connery (1962–1967, 1971, 1983) David Niven (1967) George Lazenby (1969) Roger Moore (1973–1985) Timothy Dalton (1987–1989) Pierce Brosnan (1995–2002) Daniel Craig (2006–2021)
In-universe information
Full name James Bond
Alias 007

When was SilverFin by Charlie Higson released?

SilverFin is the first novel in the Young Bond series that depicts Ian Fleming’s superspy James Bond as a teenager in the 1930s. It was written by Charlie Higson and released in the United Kingdom on March 3, 2005 by Puffin Books in conjunction with a large marketing campaign; a Canadian release of the same edition occurred in late March.

Who is the author of something called SilverFin?

Something called SilverFin. The first five books and companion novel in the series are written by Charlie Higson, with the rest being written by Steve Cole. 1. SilverFin 2. Blood Fever

When did the SilverFin graphic novel come out?

A graphic novel adaptation of SilverFin written by Charlie Higson and illustrated by artist Kev Walker was released by Puffin Books in the UK on 2 October 2008 and by Disney Hyperion in the U.S. on 18 May 2010. ^ “EXCLUSIVE: NEW YOUNG BOND SILVERFIN SPECIAL EDITIONS”.

How old is James Bond in the book SilverFin?

Charlie Higson’s book Silverfin is a take on James Bond’s life only he is still a schoolboy at the age of 13. James goes to Eton (a famous English school in London) where he find himself bored despite his impressive grades. He soon finds out he is a red apple in the midst of a bowl of green apples.