What is task factory StartNew?

StartNew(Action, Object, CancellationToken, TaskCreationOptions, TaskScheduler) Creates and starts a task for the specified action delegate, state, cancellation token, creation options and task scheduler.

Why is Task run better than task factory StartNew?

Factory. StartNew , gives you the opportunity to define a lot of useful things about the thread you want to create, while Task. Run doesn’t provide this. For instance, lets say that you want to create a long running task thread.

Can a task return a value?

Task, for an async method that performs an operation but returns no value. Task, for an async method that returns a value.

Is task factory StartNew async?

4 Answers. Task. Factory. StartNew doesn’t recognise async delegates as there is no overload that accepts a function returning a Task .

What is task factory used for?

NET Framework provides two factories for creating and scheduling tasks: The TaskFactory class, which creates Task and Task objects. You can call the overloads of this method to create and execute a task that requires non-default arguments.

How do I cancel a task in C#?

In this article

  1. Create and start a cancelable task.
  2. Pass a cancellation token to your user delegate and optionally to the task instance.
  3. Notice and respond to the cancellation request in your user delegate.
  4. Optionally notice on the calling thread that the task was canceled.

Is task run async?

In this sense using Task. Run() creates a “fake” asynchronous method. It looks like an asynchronous method but it’s really just faking it by doing the processing on a background thread.

Can I use task without async?

In short, we can safely omit async / await since the calling method, GetRecordAsync , is ultimately returning the same thing as what it’s calling, _recordRepository. GetAsync .

What happens when a method returns a task without awaiting it?

An exception that’s raised in a method that returns a Task or Task is stored in the returned task. If you don’t await the task or explicitly check for exceptions, the exception is lost.

What does task run do C#?

Remarks. The Run method allows you to create and execute a task in a single method call and is a simpler alternative to the StartNew method. It creates a task with the following default values: Its cancellation token is CancellationToken.

How do you end a task in C#?

How to return a value from a task?

Console.ReadKey () End Sub Sub ReturnAValue () ‘ Return a value type with a lambda expression Dim task1 = Task (Of Integer).Factory.StartNew (Function () 1) Dim i As Integer = task1.Result ‘ Return a named reference type with a multi-line statement lambda.

What is the cancellation token in taskfactory?

The cancellation token that will be assigned to the new task. One of the enumeration values that controls the behavior of the created task. The task scheduler that is used to schedule the created task.

How to create and start task in taskfactory?

Creates and starts a task. Creates and starts a task for the specified action delegate, state, cancellation token, creation options and task scheduler. Creates and starts a task for the specified action delegate, cancellation token, creation options and state.

When to use task.run or task.start?

Starting with the .NET Framework 4.5, the Task.Run method is the recommended way to launch a compute-bound task. Use the StartNew method only when you require fine-grained control for a long-running, compute-bound task.