What is the 473 Battery test?

The 473 battery exam features five different sections, including four sections directly related to duties you will perform as a postal service employee, such as sorting mail. After you pass the exam, you can take the score with you while applying for future positions.

What is a passing score for USPS exam 473?

What Is a Good Score for the USPS Assessment Test? The passing score for any of the four Postal Exams is 70, and any score above that is considered good. If you see an ineligible status instead of a score, this means you haven’t managed to reach the minimum score of 70.

Do you have to pay to take the 473 postal exam?

YOU DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANYONE to schedule or take a federal Postal Exam. You apply online through the Postal Service to take a postal exam for job vacancies in your area.

Is a mail carrier a good job?

Serving as a mailman, also known as a mail carrier, is a great opportunity for people who like to spend time outside. Although the job is physically demanding, the pay and benefits are decent. You can start work with the United States Postal Service right out of high school as long as you pass the appropriate exams.

Is it hard to become a mailman?

Becoming a mail carrier is not an easy process, as it is a highly competitive job. Take each step seriously and practice hard for the test and interview to ensure success.

What is on the mail carrier exam?

This exam is required to become a postal carrier, mail handler, sorter machine operator and mail processor. The USPS exam tests your aptitude for performing tasks such as completing forms, checking addresses, coding, memory, speed, and accuracy.

When can I take the postal exam?

You can apply for Post Office jobs and exams anytime you want. You take the Postal exam when you apply for a job, and you can apply for USPS jobs anytime.

How can I pass the postal exam?

  1. The Study Guide. Understanding the exam itself is an important part of doing well on the exam, but you also need to take time to study.
  2. Create a Study Plan.
  3. Understand the Importance of the Personal Inventory Section.
  4. Don’t Wait to Take the USPS Exam.
  5. Pay Attention to Detail.
  6. Don’t Guess!
  7. Know that a ā€œCā€ is Okay.

How long does your postal exam last?

The proctored assessment will take approximately 90 minutes and must be completed at an approved location by trained personnel. I am applying for a job (e.g., City Carrier, Rural Carrier) that requires Exam 473.

Do USPS hire felons?

Official company policy for hiring felons The Postal Service recognizes that many persons with criminal records have demonstrated successful rehabilitation and are capable of performing the duties of postal jobs. The short answer is yes, the USPS says they’re willing to hire felons.

Do mail carriers get days off?

The Postal Service offers generous annual (vacation) and sick leave ā€“ 13 days of annual leave per year for the first 3 years, increasing to 20 days per year after 3 years of service, and to 26 days per year after 15 years of service.

What can you do with the postal exam 473?

Postal Exam 473. Post office jobs cover many different responsibilities, including: postal carrier, mail processing clerk, and postal clerk. Other local post office jobs include corporate jobs, sales and marketing jobs, and information technology jobs. Postal jobs often have superior compensation and benefits.

What kind of test is the USPS MH 475?

USPS Postal Exam 475 and 476. The USPS MH 475 is the test for those applying to be mail handlers. The USPS MP 476 is for those applying to be mail processing clerks and data conversion operators. These two tests are very similar and cover the same sections.

What are the questions on the USPS MC 474?

After you submit your application for an open position, if you are deemed a good fit you will be sent an email inviting you to take a Virtual Entry Assessment – MC 474. This section has eight questions which focus on how you would respond on specific work related situations a Mail Carrier might encounter on a daily basis.

How long is the battery 473 postal exam?

The Postal Exam Battery 473 and 473-C exams are broken down into the following categories: You will be given 60 addresses to compare in 11 minutes. You will be expected to determine if the addresses are identical, if the zip codes are different, or if the street/city addresses are different.