What is the address of FC Barcelona?

Address: C/Arístides Mallol 12 (main Access 15) and Av. De Joan XVIII ( Boulevard Access 9), 08028 Barcelona.

Where is Camp Nou stadium situated?

Camp Nou/Province

Camp Nou (Catalan pronunciation: [ˌkamˈnɔw], meaning new field, often referred to in English as the Nou Camp) is a football stadium in Barcelona, Spain.

How do I get to Camp Nou?

The stadium is easy to reach by metro. Various stations lie close to the stadium and from all of them it takes an approximate 10-minute walk to reach the stadium. From Barcelona’s city centre one can take metro line 3. Take the metro in the direction of Zona Universitària and get off at station Les Corts.

How much does it cost to enter Camp Nou?

The entrance ticket is 10€. Ticket to be found on the spot that day.

How do I send a letter to FC Barcelona?


  1. Phone number: (+34) 902 1899 00.
  2. Fax: + 93 411 2219.
  3. E-mail: [email protected].

How can I join Barcelona FC?

Applicants wishing to apply for membership of a minor must apply in person to the FC Barcelona Member’s Office (OAB-Camp Nou) with an appointment and must bring the following documentation: ID / Passport of the applicant, original or photocopy.

How many seats are there in Camp Nou?

Camp Nou/Capacity
With a capacity of 99,354, it is now the biggest stadium in Europe. However, the total capacity has varied over the years owing to different modifications. When it was first opened in 1957, it held 93,053 spectators, which would be increased to 120,000 in 1982 on occasion of the FIFA World Cup.

Can you enter Camp Nou for free?

Is Camp Nou free entry? No, tickets must be bought for the Camp Nou Experience (museum/tour) or a match to visit. 2.

Can we visit Camp Nou?

You may only visit the Museum (Trophy Room, History, Messi Area, Trophies of the various sections) and a panoramic view of the stadium until three hours before the start of the match. Champions League matchdays: The day before and on the day of the match, the Tour is closed for the whole day.

Where will Messi go?

Paris Saint-Germain F.C.#30 / Forward
Argentina national football team#10 / Forward
Lionel Messi/Current teams