What is the best barrel twist for 22-250?

.22-250 Recommended Twist Rates For max velocity and accuracy with the lightest bullets, a 1:14″ twist may be ideal. More versatile is a 1:12″ twist that will allow you to shoot the popular 60-64 grain match bullets.

What is the twist rate on a Savage Axis 22-250?

The barrel twist is one in 12 compared to the one in eight of the . 223 Remington. Only a custom barrel will allow the use of heavier (62 grains and up) bullets in the . 22-250.

Is a Savage Axis a good gun?

Even with a recoil lug that sits in the rifle instead of the action, these rifles produce fantastic groups. There is nothing left to say here, Savage rifles are the most accurate for the money. For an in-depth review of accuracy with factory ammo in the Axis, check out the great 130 grain 270 winchester shootout.

What ammo does a Savage Axis take?

.308 Winchester
Barrel and Receiver The barrel on this one is button rifled, and since it’s chambered in . 308 Winchester, it features a 1:10 twist rate, or one full bullet rotation in 10 inches of barrel length.

What is the difference between a savage axis and axis II?

Finally, the primary difference between Axis XP and Axis II XP is the Savage® AccuTrigger™ system. This light trigger system can be customized to your individual preferences and shooting style. You can set the trigger pull yourself without having to pay for a gunsmith.

What size bullet does a 22-250 take?

The . 22-250 started life as a wildcat cartridge developed from the . 250-3000 Savage case necked down to take a . 224 caliber bullet.

How much is a savage Axis II heavy barrel rifle?

Savage Axis II XP 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt-Action Rifle with Heavy Barrel and 3-9x40mm Scope $499.99 $379.99

What’s the price of a savage 22 250?

Savage Axis 22-250 Rem Bolt Action Rifle with Heavy Barrel. $382.00 $299.98. Brand: Savage. Item Number: 22210. (1 review)

Is the Savage axis 22-250 good for deer?

The author finds the 50-grain V-Max ideal for larger varmints. It is fashionable to use the less-powerful .223 Remington for small deer. That’s OK, but while it would seem you could jack up the .22-250 to an even better deer-killer, barrel twist isn’t in our favor.

Which is the best Savage rifle to buy?

The Savage AXIS .22-250 is an affordable performer with much to recommend. The AXIS II is available with a synthetic stock and in stainless steel. It is among the best buys in a modern rifle. Most are available in a package. Package guns are simply affordable rifles supplied with scope rings and bases and a rifle scope.