What is the best strategy to use for CapSim?

Indeed, the best way to master Capsim is to jump in and try it. I recommend reading the guides as you make your way through different decision sets. In my class, students start with the individual practice rounds until they feel confident about the game.

How do you submit a round in CapSim?

Go to Manage Industry | Schedule Rounds. This page will let you schedule Practice and Competition rounds. In the Time column, you can select the auto process option, which will advance the round automatically at the selected time.

How many products do you start with in Capsim?

At the start of the simulation there are five products, and below those you will see three empty rows labeled “NA” (for Not Applicable). Replace the NA with a product name that begins with the first letter of your team name.

How do you update a decision in Capsim?

Periodically and when you have completed your decisions and/or want to share your decisions with your teammates, be sure to use File > Update Official Decisions. All Official Decisions are recorded in the Audit Trail. Official Decisions can be saved by Product, Functional Area, or All Products and Areas.

How much does it cost for MTBF per 1000 hours of reliability?

Reliability (MTBF) Costs The higher the reliability, the higher the material cost. An increase of 1000 hours in MTBF adds about $0.30 to your unit material costs. In general, High End, Performance and Size products have higher material costs.

How many points can you gain in the balanced scorecard each round?

Each category is worth 100 points, for a total possible points per round of 1000; total possible points for an 8 Round simulation is 8000 points. To see how a category score was determined, select a category from the select box.

How do you retire in Capsim?

To discontinue a product, simply go to the Production area and sell all the capacity for that product by entering a negative value in the Buy/Sell capacity cell. Selling all the capacity will discontinue the product.

What do you need to know about capsim round 8?

Research and Development (R&D) Decisions Capsim Round 8. Repositioned segments: traditional, high-end, performance, size and high-end (invented product). Marketing Decisions Capsim Round 8. Paid for accessibility. Paid for awareness. Production Decisions Capsim Round 8. No more automation and capacity purchased. Finance Decisions Capsim Round 8

Which is the best way to use capsim?

Repositioned segments: high-end, performance, size and high-end (invented product). Paid for accessibility. Paid for awareness. Purchased more automation. Purchased more capacity. Issued stocks. Accounts Receivables due date to 90 days (same from the previous round). Accounts Payables payment date to 30 days (same from the previous round).

How to calculate industry condition in capsim 2018?

Step 1. Download Industry Condition Report (from your game) Step 2. Download Excel file for automatic calculation strategies and decisions Step 3. Very important

Do you need a refund for capsim course?

Or else all this the stress, anxiety, sleep deprivation, and social isolation due to this business simulation was just busywork and we all need a damn refund. If you are looking for some help here is a Capsim Guide with helpful Capsim tips per round to help you get through this MBA capstone course.