What is the best synonyms for advancement?


  • advance.
  • growth.
  • improvement.
  • amelioration.
  • elevation.
  • headway.
  • preference.
  • rise.

What is the synonym of advanced?

progress, amelioration, forward motion, procession, advancement, improvement, feeler, melioration, approach, cash advance, overture, rise, progression, onward motion, betterment. Antonyms: retreat, back(a), middle, late, draw back, move back, withdraw, pull away, recede, back, pull back, retire.

What’s a word for technological advancement?

What is another word for technological advancement?

development progress
scientific advancement step forward
breakthrough innovation
revolution leap
headway enhancement

What word mean most nearly the same as advance?

Some common synonyms of advance are forward, further, and promote.

What are 3 synonyms for success?

synonyms for success

  • accomplishment.
  • achievement.
  • advance.
  • benefit.
  • profit.
  • victory.
  • win.
  • gain.

What is another word for automate?

Automate Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for automate?

dehumanizeUS debase
desensitizeUS automatize
barbarize imbrute
mechaniseUK mechanizeUS
robotize deprave

What is another word for technological?

What is another word for technological?

technical industrial
knowledge-based specializedUS
practical applied
hi-tech non-theoretical
skilled engineering

What word is a synonym for Enhance?

In this page you can discover 59 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for enhance, like: magnify, flatter, lift, improve, elevate, amplify, sharpen, stimulate, set off, enrich and become.

What is another word for advancement?

advancement, progress(noun) gradual improvement or growth or development. “advancement of knowledge”; “great progress in the arts”. Synonyms: progress, procession, furtherance, promotion, advance, progression, onward motion, forward motion.

What is the opposite of advancement?

The literal opposite of “advance” would be “retreat” or possibly “withdraw”. If you don’t want to use the commonly understood “Next” and “Previous”, I would actually suggest not using advance, but rather phrases tailored to your application domain that will be best understood by your particular specialized users.

What is an antonym for advance?

advanced(a)(adj) comparatively late in a course of development. “the illness had reached an advanced stage”; “an advanced state of exhaustion”. Antonyms: retarded, noncivilized, regressive, low, early, low-tech, middle, noncivilised, back(a) advanced, forward-looking, innovative, modern(adj) ahead of the times.

What is an antonym for Advanced?

advanced(adj) at a higher level in training or knowledge or skill. “an advanced degree”; “an advanced text in physics”; “special seminars for small groups of advanced students at the University”. Antonyms: regressive, noncivilized, back(a), middle, low-tech, retarded, early, noncivilised, low. Synonyms: