What is the cost of a cow in Tamilnadu?

price rate may differ for each breed. Indian Breed – starts from 20000 to 25000 jersey – 35000 to 40000 Hf – 40000 to 65000 for more details please contact us +919790446026 Loaction : Karur,Tamilnadu. we have transport facilities to all the places.

What is the price of a Holstein cow?

White Pure Breed Holstein Friesian Cow at Price Range 55000.00 – 75000.00 INR/Piece in Karnal | ID: c5591453.

Which cow is best for milk in Tamil Nadu?


  • Mainly found in Gir forest areas of South Kathiawar.
  • Gir Cows are good Milk – yielder.
  • Milk yield – Under village condition : 900 kg.
  • Milk yield – Under commercial farms: 1600 kg.

Which cow gives 100 Litre of milk?

Super Cow
According to Al Ain Dairy officials, it is the most productive cow in the company, which can give about 100 litres of milk per day, if milched three times a day. “This cow, number 4307 is known informally as super cow. It can generate 100 litres of milk a day.

Which cow gives best quality milk?

High Milk Producing Indian Cattle Breed: These 4 Indian Breed can Give Milk up to 80 Liters

  • High Milk Producing Indian Cow Breed.
  • Gir cow of Gujarat. This cow is known as the most milk-producing cow in the country.
  • Sahiwal Cow. This cow is more reared in UP, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh.
  • Rathi cow.
  • Red Sindhi cow.

Is Jersey cow Indian?

The Jersey is a British breed of small dairy cattle from Jersey, in the British Channel Islands. It is one of three Channel Island cattle breeds, the others being the Alderney – now extinct – and the Guernsey.

Which Indian cow is best?

Coming back to the title, here are the top 6 cattle in India;

  1. Gir. Also known as Kathiawar, Surati, Desan, Gujarati, Sorthi, and Bhadawari, it originated from Gir forest of the South Kathiawar.
  2. Red Sindhi.
  3. Sahiwal.
  4. Hallikar.
  5. Amritmahal.
  6. Khillari.

Which cow milk is best?

According to the latest reports, science says that A2 milk is consisting of the best combination of Omega fats is good for human health and the Indian breed cows are giving the best quality A2 milk for human consumption. Gir cow breed from India is highly reputed for A2 milk.

Which cow is best?

Let’s know about some of the best cattle breeds in the country;

  • Gir: This cattle breed originates from Gir forests of South Kathiawar in Gujarat and are also found in adjacent Rajasthan and Maharashtra.
  • Sahiwal:
  • Red Sindhi:
  • Rathi:
  • 10 Most Demanding Goat Breeds for Milk and Meat in India.
  • Ongole:
  • Deoni:
  • Kankrej:

Why Gir cow milk is costly?

This cow breed shows high resistance to diseases. -The value of the milk in the market is high. The cost of 1 liters of Gir milk varies from place to place (e.g. Rs 50 to Rs 70 per liter) and is comparatively high because the milk contains two protein groups: the casein and whey protein.

Which cow gives most milk?

Holstein Friesian cows
Holstein Friesian cattle

Holstein Friesian cows now dominate the global dairy industry. The Holstein-Friesian has the highest milk production of all breeds worldwide.
Other names Holstein cattle, Friesian cattle
Country of origin Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France
Distribution Worldwide

Which cow ghee is best?

Here is the detailed review of the top 10 cow ghee brands in India, which are mostly used in Indian cooking.

  • Amul Pure Ghee. Amul is the top in the list of best cow ghee in India with the tagline “The Taste of India.”
  • Mother Dairy Pure Ghee.
  • Gowardhan Cow Ghee.
  • Patanjali Cow Desi Ghee.
  • Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee.
  • Vedaka Cow Ghee.

What kind of cows are sold in Tamilnadu?

We are supplying cows to dairy farmers all over Kerala,Tamil nadu, Andra pradesh,karnataka. Breeds we have : HF (Holstein- friesian), Jersey,sindhi , Cross breed HF, Cross Jersey cows – HF,jersey heifers (calf) Mostly we have supplied many cows and buffaloes to Tamilnadu ,Kerala ,Andra dairy farmers.

Where can I buy HF cow in India?

We Supply hf cow and jersey cow in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Telanaga and Karnataka. Our origin of Cow is well accepted for its brilliant diversity and adaptability across the markets of the India. Sakthi dairy farm is a top agricultural company providing pioneering Dairy solutions, Livestock in INDIA.

How much does a cow cost in India?

Prices: Cows rate: 12 Liters to 30 liters costs 30,000 to 78,000 Rs. (prices may be varied depends on height, weight , pregnancy times, breed, etc.) Please feel free to call.

Which is the best dairy farm in Tamilnadu?

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