What is the definition of hollowness?

Definitions of hollowness. the state of being hollow: having an empty space within. Antonyms: solidity. state of having the interior filled with matter.

What are hollow things?

If something is hollow, it is empty on the inside. A chocolate Easter bunny looks like so much chocolate until you realize that it is hollow and quickly eaten. The idea of emptiness is apparent in the other uses for hollow too.

What does Hollow Street mean?

1 adj Something that is hollow has a space inside it, as opposed to being solid all the way through. …

What is the meaning of hollow bones?

Hollow bones are also called pneumatized bones, meaning they’re filled with space for air. It is thought that this structure helps with oxygen intake during flight. Air sacs are attached to the hollow areas in a bird’s bones. This helps birds take in oxygen while both inhaling and exhaling.

Is hollowness a real word?

hollowness noun [U] (LACK OF SINCERITY) (of situations, feelings, or words) the fact of being without value, or not true or sincere: Ann could find nothing but hollowness in his praise.

What do you mean by decisive?

1 : having the power or quality of deciding The council president cast the decisive vote. a decisive battle. 2 : resolute, determined a decisive manner decisive leaders a decisive editor. 3 : unmistakable, unquestionable a decisive superiority.

What is hollow and example?

Hollow is defined as to create an empty space within something. The definition of hollow is having a space inside or being shaped like a bowl. An example of hollow is a chocolate Easter bunny with nothing inside of it. An example of hollow are cheeks which are deeply sunken.

What is a hollow personality?

If you describe a statement, situation, or person as hollow, you mean they have no real value, worth, or effectiveness. Any threat to bring in the police is a hollow one. Synonyms: worthless, empty, useless, vain More Synonyms of hollow. hollowness uncountable noun.

What is a hollow in nature?

Natural phenomena Hollow, a low, wooded area, such as a copse. Hollow (landform), a small vee-shaped, riverine type of valley. Tree hollow, a void in a branch or trunk, which may provide habitat for animals.

What is a hollow in slang?

What else does holler mean? To holler is “to shout,” extended to “say hello” or “hit on” in Black English. In Appalachian English, a holler refers to a “hollow,” or mountain valley.

Which bone is hollow in human body?

A hollow medullary cavity is found in the center of long bones and serves as a storage area for bone marrow. Examples of long bones include the femur, tibia, fibula, metatarsals, and phalanges. Short.

Are any human bones hollow?

Often there is a jelly-like area in the centre of the bone, which is called the bone marrow. Bone marrow produces the body’s blood cells. So, bones are actually hollow tubes, a bit like bamboo which is a type of plant. A hollow structure means that the weight of the bone is a lot less than it would be if it were solid.

Which is the best dictionary definition of hollow?

Define hollow. hollow synonyms, hollow pronunciation, hollow translation, English dictionary definition of hollow. adj. hol·low·er , hol·low·est 1. Having a cavity, gap, or space within: a hollow wall. 2. Deeply indented or concave; sunken: “His bearded face already has…

Which is an example of a hollow space?

Hollow means an empty space. An example of hollow is an empty space inside of a tree. Hollow is defined as to create an empty space within something. An example of hollow is to remove the insides of a log. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

Which is the best definition of a hollow sphere?

having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty: a hollow sphere.

What’s the definition of a hollow metal tube?

1 Having a hole or empty space inside. ‘a hollow metal tube’